Soccer Season!

Tonight was the first practice for the AYSO VIP soccer team. Micah loved soccer last year, but that simply means that Micah loved soccer last year. This year he might have decided that soccer was so 2012. There's no telling with that boy. Given that the boys were all in the yard tossing a baseball around this evening, Micah thought the family was packing up to go play baseball. He was undeterred even when we got to the soccer field and kids were kicking soccer balls everywhere. He marched himself right to the field with his glove and his baseball, and I had to call him back off the field to sit on the sidelines and wait his turn.

Never a good start to practice.

And then Micah parked himself right down on his folding sideline chair and sat there, even though we said, "Micah, go play some ball!" and "hey, do you want to play with the other kids?" and "it's time to practice. Go on." Nothing moved the boy, except the coach who was done with the very short and informal parent meeting and said, "Come on, Micah, let's go play ball." And just like that, he did.

And he kicked and dribbled (both the soccer kind and the basketball kind, because he has skillz) and made some passes and goals. He had a wonderful time. He even had time to teach himself to do this:


Oh, the mad skills one learns at soccer practice. We're all so proud.


wendy said...

Great moves Micah!! I love the pictures... Have a nice weekend.

Mary said...

Love it!