Enjoying the Weather. Finally.

The kids took advantage of the summer-like weather and went outside to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. (We're still waiting for spring. Not that we're complaining about the sneak peak of summer or anything.) The spot we chose to explore in was apparently the same spot that was used for illegal drinking parties all winter. I say illegal because of all the beer cans that were tossed into the ditch. If one drinks responsibly, and legally, they'll do it at home and simply throw the cans away. My kids chose to do the right thing and clean up. And then they had to go back again because the shopping bag in the car didn't even begin to hold all the cans that needed collecting. Two leaf-sized trash bags were filled, and the kids earned $10 recycling them. God rewards those who do the right thing.

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wendy said...

I'm always amazed by trash people leave laying around with no thought about it. Thank your kids from me for taking the time to clean up someone elses mess. Have a great weekend!