Random Acts of Kindness Have Struck Again

We were grabbing a quick bite to eat before Sunday evening church. McDonald's is always a cheap option, even if it's not as healthy as all that. I am a people watcher, so as I was standing in line I noticed the man who came in, just ordered a coffee, and left. I mentally applauded him for a cheap cup of joe and a healthier choice than the rest of us there were making.

We got our meal and sat down to eat. Micah set up his food station around him, and the rest of us took up the rest of the table. The boy needs his space when eating. Mostly so that he can be sure nobody tried to partake of his food. He can snarf a few of our fries, but boy-howdy we can't even breathe in the direction of his fries. That would be the end of a happy meal for the entire restaurant.

The man that ordered coffee came back into the store and walked over to our table. He handed Micah a baseball and said, "This was a foul ball at a Penn State game I was at today. I was looking for someone to give it to, and I just found him."

Things like this just completely make my day. Our world seems to be full of awesome people like this. Total strangers who have no clue who we are, and yet they reach out to Micah because of his disability. I love knowing that humanity cares. I read so much in the news about how bad the world is, and am so grateful that we see the complete opposite in our own tiny corner of it.

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Cindy said...

This made my day!!