And For This Monday's Variety of Craziness...

This happy young man is at camp this week. He absolutely loves camp week, and looks forward to it all summer long. This young man almost didn't make it to camp this morning, though. There was this weird thing with his gums last night where they were swollen and sore, and involved a slight fever that Tylenol and a cool bath immediately took care of. He woke fever free this morning, grabbed my van keys, adjusted the van seat so that he could see over the steering wheel, and was definitely ready to go t camp.

I took him to camp via the doctor's office just to be sure he had clearance to go and wasn't sporting anything highly contagious or anything. The resounding answer was, "of course not! But if he develops any more blisters (they were not blisters, for the record) or gets a fever (which he already had, I said) then please call him because that has been going around this summer."

I was afraid to ask what "that" was. So I didn't.

Micah is very much enjoying his first day at camp, and will continue to enjoy the rest of the week. I am going to completely wish this week was over starting two seconds ago. I've got two boys in two different sports camps this week. Pick up and drop off are half my day, and that's just for one boy. The other can drive himself, which is so nice, right up until he showed up at practice the first day without a current physical. Turns out you can't even practice without that physical. I know. Shocker to nobody.

I've got a pack of dogs with weird hives raised all over them. (No fleas - I checked. Frequently.) They go to the vet tomorrow to find out what on earth they're collectively allergic to or being eaten by. (So weird.) And today while at Walmart grabbing later than last minute supplies for camp that I forgot to pack for the boys (and then had to run down to them) (because you can't be without soap or shampoo) the zipper broke on my shorts while I was in the restroom.

Mondays have not been my friend lately. I hope the rest of the week gets better, otherwise I may actually be ready for the kids to go back to school in a few weeks just to regain some sanity.

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