I Had To Open My Mouth, Didn't I?

See this little boy?

Cute, no?

I totally blame myself for the fact that he's sleeping on my sofa. He should be at camp this week. He should be enjoying himself during the week he looks forward to the most all year. But because I said on Monday that he was going to be at camp having a good time, he's now not doing just that. Becky, who is a counselor at camp, called at 10:00 to tell me that he'd been crying all morning and said his tummy hurt. I dropped everything and went to rescue the sickly little guy. Becky said he fell asleep during morning rally time. That right there is a sign of a sick little boy because Micah doesn't sleep. Even when he has the flu he'll just kind of rest while watching a movie. If sleep is for the weak, Micah is the strongest person I know.

I brought my guy home, who dozed off in the van, and asked him to go lay down in my bed. He didn't protest. He woke long enough to transfer himself from my bed to the sofa, and then proceeded to spend the next 6 hours there, sleeping. He wasn't fevery or complaining of anything hurting; he was just sleeping. We briefly debated whether or not to take him to the doctor, but what would we tell them? "Hello, I need to make an appointment for my son. He's sleeping too much." So that debate was scratched. But after sleeping for 6.5 hours, he tossed his cookies, so at least we know what the problem was. And then he proceeded to sleep for the remainder of the day.

Shortly after the "do we take Micah to the doctor?" debate Sam came in from the patio and said, "that's not good." Truth: It's never good when statements like that are uttered. Sweet corn is ripe and we're preserving our yearly allotment to sustain us until next August. Sam is the man in charge of using the thing that cuts off the corn, because that thing is super sharp and far too dangerous for people to be handling.

Case in point: he's now sporting 4 stitches in his thumb because he nearly sliced the entire side of it clear off. Including part of the nail.

Up next week: Becky's wisdom teeth will be removed. That, too, should prove to be a good time.

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