Live Life in 3D

The nephew was on the football team this year, and was terribly excited to play his senior year. Things didn't start well, and then kind of went downhill. Hence the word "was" in that first sentence.

He was hit in practice and sustained a concussion. This was the second week of football camp, just before school started. It was the night before the first scrimmage, in which he couldn't play. And then the following week the school cancelled the football program for the year. I'm sure you can feel the disappointment of the nephew from all the way to wherever you are. It's that palpable. They did revive the JV program, though, and the varsity players were all welcomed to go play there since their team was disbanded. So at least the nephew has a team for the year, even if it's not what he planned.

The concussion was two weeks ago. He's still having random headaches on a daily basis. I'm not well versed in concussions, but figured it was time to see a doctor. Mostly because he asked. He's been frustrated with the whole lack of practice that he has going on since the coach benched him due to headaches. The doc pretty much said the same thing I was thinking, which is that he should take it easy for a while and let himself heal. She did order CTs of his brain to be sure there was no bleed, for which I was grateful. I doubted there was anything like that, but now we know for sure there isn't. He just needs to rest his brain, she said.

No video games for hours on end.

No watching television for more than an hour at a time.

No more than an hour or so on the computer for the day.

No texting all evening after school.

Definitely no sports or activities of any kind.

The second thing I thought as she was going through the list of Definitely Don'ts was, "so what CAN he do?" I actually asked that, although it was phrased more like, "So basically he can just lay in his bed with his eyes closed for a few days?" (Her answer was a derivative of "yes.")

That was the second thing I thought. The first thing I thought was, "we don't have video gaming systems in our house. Huh, nobody watches television at all. I own the computer and pretty much don't let kids touch it. While the kids have phones with texting, they also don't walk around with their noses glued to screens.

You guys, my kids rock. For some reason, they heard us when we said that family is important. They listened when we said that spending time with people you're with is more important than talking to people you're not with. My kids live life out loud. We laugh together, we talk about issues both big and small, we occasionally even eat dinner around the table as a family. My teens will sit and talk about life with each other until the wee smalls of the morning.

The nephew will not be watching TV, or gaming, or spending hours on the computer, or texting all evening because my kids live in 3D. I'm so ridiculously proud of those guys.

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