Fall Fun

This is one of my favorite pictures of the week.

It is  not a good photo from any standpoint. And its just a leaf pile. But when I was scrolling through my pictures from that day my mind had the presence to ask "what did I take that photo for?" Because there must have been a reason. And then I realized that some of the leaves were blurred. You'll notice at the top left and bottom right, the leaves aren't crisp. And that's when I realized why I took the photo, and when I decided it was my favorite of the week.

Luke raked leaves together to jump in because that's what fall was invented for.

And then he jumped into the pile to reward himself for all his hard work. That photo at the top is Luke, fully engulfed in the leaf pile. I find it fascinating since it's not that big of a pile. And Luke is kind of longer than that pile is wide. Yet the blurred leaves show the movement of leaves eating my boy. It's so awesome.

And the very next photo in my sequence showed me that what I thought happened previously was correct.

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