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Getting Micah to do homework is a chore. It's far more work for me than it is for him. Tonight I was pretty thrilled when he excitedly sat down with a pencil and paper and told me to just go already.

And then he proceeded to set up his work station rather than do his homework because one has to have the right mood.

A jack-o-lantern and a Coke. Mandatory for all homework stations. Duh. But they didn't help with the homework at all. In fact, they were huge distractions. He couldn't concentrate at all, and when he did write it was all over the paper.

Becky, the best big sister ever, stepped in and helped him focus a bit. After erasing the entire paper and making him start over.

And then all the teens got involved, because they're awesome like that. And very curious about how easy Micah's homework is compared to theirs.

I caption this photo "How Many Siblings Can Micah Con Into Doing His Homework." The kid is genius.

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