I'm Slow, But I Get There

Micah loves dress up clothes. He's slowly starting to outgrow it, as in he doesn't dress up daily anymore but more like for special occasions and company. He occasionally takes a costume to school, and I occasionally let him because its generally far easier than fighting him on it. Plus it's completely harmless, you know?

Except apparently not as harmless as all that. The school seems to think that his costumes are a distraction. They distract the class from learning, and they distract Micah because he wants them out of his bag to wear and he's not allowed. I get this, so I comply with the Micah-made rule a wee bit against my will.  How is this a whole lot different, really, than the girls that take their hair bands out and put it back in and take it out and put it back in and OH MY GOSH HOW DISTRACTING IS THAT?! And yet those girls are still allowed to wear hair bands.

So yeh, I'm a tad disgruntled over this, but I comply. Mostly.

But while daddy and the boys were away I found him a mask on clearance for just $5. It was such a hit that he wanted to take it to school the next day. Turns out it was a good thing because the bus ran off the road that morning and the nurse commended him for wearing his hard helmet as she was checking everyone for injuries. (There were none.) When he wore it the second day, I got a note reminding me to please keep the dress up things at home.

And then daddy came home and gifted Micah a Spiderman mask/cape combo that he picked up in Mexico. He was absolutely thrilled. And despite the warning to keep dress up things home just the week before, I allowed him to take it. He was just so proud of it that he wanted to show it off. I should have sent a note, but I didn't. It was completely my fault that the teacher had no idea why I allowed him to take a costume against all rules. The costume was confiscated. I had to ask for it back, and explain why I allowed him to send it.


So clearly there is a problem here. I'm not sure why I didn't think of my genius solution earlier. I blame the dead brain cells from birthing 4 kids. It's my fallback for everything. I have finally figured out that I need to take photos of things for Micah to carry to school. And on the back of these photos I need to write notes explaining what the photo is and why Micah is carrying it. A kid without a voice needs his mom to be innovative. I only wish I was quicker with the innovations so we didn't run into problems.

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