He's Off To See The Wizard

Our church runs a corn maze every year. I think I've talked about it once or twice. Sam is one of the people in charge of making sure the maze is functional every October, which translates directly into the fact that I am a maze widow the entire month of September while he puts in 14 hour days between his job and the maze setup. But all that hard work is very appreciated by the maze-goers every year, and by our kids as well. Despite the fact that our kids are roped into working the maze (as volunteers, of course) every Saturday in October, they look forward to it immensely. And Micah loves the maze more than anyone. That boy lives for October just for this reason.

We opened over the weekend, and while Sam and the older boys were there working hard from the start of the day, I was home showing off my puppies to their new families who came to visit with some of them. Between visits, I checked Facebook and saw this posted:

And then I made the mistake of showing the picture to Micah. We were headed to the maze, of course, but not until after the last family came to visit their puppy. And I still had an hour to wait.

In that hour, I had to let that photo up on the computer so that Micah could gather his own costumes for the characters of Oz. He got his Tin Man costume, of course, and held it up to the computer to be sure it was the same. Check. He stuffed it into a bad. Then a cowboy hat. He held it up to the picture. Close enough for the scarecrow's hat. Into the bag. A skirt for Dorothy. Becky's pink tutu for the witch. A stuffed dog for Toto only because we wouldn't let him take our frenchie, Darla. And then he pestered and hassled me for the next half hour (it took time to gather all this stuff) to just get in the van and go already. Because those characters are at the corn maze this year, and Micah recognized his friends who were dressed up and couldn't wait to go join them.

The interactive kids' maze has a Wizard of Oz theme this year. Micah's new favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. So the super awesome, A+, spectacularly epic corn maze just got a whole lot better for him.

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