The Worse of Two Evils

Micah loves the outdoors, just like the rest of us. But his tolerance is limited by his mobility. Those weak hips of his leave him tired after much walking. We probably should have taken his stroller to the park with us yesterday, but forgot it.

Micah stalls us when we want to walk long distances. He found a stick that was a parade baton. He drew in the pine needles with it. He stirred leaves with it. He used it as a teacher's pointer to teach us letters using the graffiti carved into the handrails. He tossed it into the water and watched it float downstream from the height of the bridge.

After conking out and demanding to be carried, we decided that it was time to head home, because lugging his 90 pounds of exhausted self isn't a good time for anyone. Except perhaps Micah.

He slept well last night, and actually slept in this morning. That's always a fun thing, and rather unexpected. And then there was the note home in his school folder that declared he said his first 4-word sentence, unprompted, in regards to his work assignment.

While I was reading this note and rejoicing over the sentence, while simultaneously wondering what those 4 words were, Micah busied himself at the other end of the kitchen. I figured he was watching my puppies, because everyone loves puppies. But I wasn't really paying attention, because I was trying to figure out what the 4 word sentence was.

"I hate this homework."

"Throw this paper away."

"No more homework, please."

"No, not this again?!"

The possibilities were endless. And it was rather fun thinking up things that the boy would say. I'm also not unsure that he didn't swear at some point. He really doesn't like homework.

And then Micah walked over and handed me a paper. It was his homework. THAT HE DID ALL BY HIMSELF WHILE I WAS THINKING. And I didn't think that long, either, which means that he started and completed that homework in about 5 minutes. And did it correctly. That boy will never cease to amaze me.

I can draw one conclusion from this: The boy realized that school isn't so bad in comparison to exhausting death marches through the woods.

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