We Celebrated Columbus Day By Discovering New (To Us) Things

The kids were off school today, and Sam had a day off because he worked the weekend, so we took a family day. Or at least most of us did. Luke and the nephew decided that they would work instead, but the other 5 of us went on an adventure to Ohiopyle State Park.

The day started a bit dismal, and the scenic overlook wasn't very scenic. But I could see how it would be fabulous if the fog lifted.

While the fall colors were just gorgeous, we plan to go back in about a week when they should be closer the stunning range. Fall is definitely my favorite season.

Despite this awesome place being in our own back yard, we've never really explored the place all that well before. (Relatively speaking, of course. It's a 40 minute drive one way. We just have a very large back yard. Welcome to country life.) We've had the kids there to swim in the river and hike a trail or two, and we've even used the natural water slide. But I'm sad to report that today was the first we've been to Cucumber Falls, which is located right in the park near where we've always visited.

But we've been there now and know that it's a must-visit in the future, too. Micah, however, would probably say he wanted to stay home. After playing school with the graffiti carved into the overlook boards, playing with a stick slash parade baton, and hiking to the bridge, he was kind of done for the day. He even asked to just take a nap.

Because he's got us all wrapped around his tiny little finger, he coerced daddy into carrying his lunky 90 pounds for a bit. That's about the time we decided it was time to head home. But we'll definitely be back this fall to see even more color, and maybe Luke and the nephew can join us.

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