Micah went to school today, much against his will. I realized that he had a doctor's appointment tomorrow and it did seem silly to send him to school one day and then keep him home again the next but there was no other reason to keep him home, so he went. He wasn't all that happy about the going, though. I had to bribe the boy.

1. School.
2. Church.

That boy loves going to church. The numbering system works so well for us as it helps Micah know the steps of something that's happening and what to expect next. So I bribed him into going to school by reminding him that it was church night. He was somewhat mollified.

He came home from school and made the sign for "home."

"Do you want to stay home?"


"You don't want to go to church tonight?"


This is highly unusual. And I was trying to figure out a way to kick myself for sending him to school when clearly he wasn't healthy enough to go back. He's probably exhausted. Poor guy. I was also trying to determine his level of tired/sick/noncompliance, so I asked him again.

"You sure you don't want to go to church tonight?"

Just kidding.

"So you do want to go to church?"

Yes.  Church.

That boy. His sense of humor is never ending. Unfortunately his lack of speech prevents him from sharing much, but did you notice? WE HAD A CONVERSATION.