The Good News This Tuesday

We're still dealing with repercussions form last week. Last week was a fun one, that's a definite. The good news is that after missing a week and a half of school, Micah is set to go back tomorrow morning for his triumphant return. While he's still coughing in a rather un-fun and croupy way, his lungs are cleared after the doctor's appointment and chest x-rays he had yesterday.

The other good news is that the nephew got his nose re-set today. Since I'm kind of fascinated with all things medical, I was rather intrigued how the whole thing went down. In case you're the type that's not so fascinated with all things medical, I'll spare you the gory details. But I, personally, thought it was rather Medieval in the approach. And complete lack of tools. Sometimes a real hands-on approach is the best thing after all. I'll also spare you the fact that it sounded like car tires crunching on gravel.

So the nephew has a really straight nose again, Micah is feeling very much like himself and even agreed to go to school without a fuss, we scored some pretty sweet deals for Christmas gifts at the mall, and the nephew finally ordered his class ring. All around, it was a rather good day. Tomorrow proves to be equally good if I don't have Micah at home distracting me with medications and constant surveillance. I plan to sew. A lot.

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