Dreaming of Warmer Days

It seems that the entire world is buried in the bowels of a deep freezer. Or at least most of the US. To say that it's cold is a true statement. I think I heard somewhere that we're to get temps Western Pennsylvania hasn't seen in nearly 20 years.

Aren't we lucky.

And where is Global Warming when you really need it?

I'm not complaining about the cold, because that wont' do any good. I'm grateful, however, that I have a very warm home to sleep in tonight, and a Keurig to supply a never ending stream of hot drinks. 

When we lived in Alaska, we experienced some cold winters. Mostly because Alaska doesn't know anything BUT cold winters. I learned there what cold temperatures are. And I learned that wind is the devil. I thought wind was just a thing that went hand in hand with winter and snowstorms and cold, but I learned differently. Fairbanks lacks wind. While they rock the super cold temperatures, they lack wind. 

Since moving back to the western part of Pennsylvania, I have said many years that we'd rather be in Alaska again. This week is no exception. My gosh, what I wouldn't do to ditch this wind. There is no bundling up enough to keep that arctic blast from ripping through the heaviest coat and layers upon layers of clothing underneath. It makes you feel as though you're standing out in the ice cold in nothing but your skivvies. And it is unpleasant indeed.

I wish I was in Alaska this week. It would be far warmer. 

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Cathy said...

Your blog is darling! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it :)