That Mysterious Gift

The school holds a store for the kids in early December so that they can purchase gifts for family and friends. Things are reasonably priced for the elementary age, and its open to the parents the night before so that they can go scope things out with the kids. It's a lot of fun. Generally Micah buys something for himself because he doesn't quite understand giving to others yet. He's still in the I WANT, I WANT stage.

This year he came home with gifts for me and himself. It was so cute. There was one in particular that looked like a spoon rest. That was the one addressed to me. I could use a spoon rest, but how he knew that was beyond me. I was baffled by what it really was, but patiently waited until Christmas morning.

When I opened it on Christmas, it turned out to be a miniature cast iron skillet. And by miniature I mean the size of one of those single-egg pans you see hanging in the grocery store aisles at very random places that look like something you'd use in a large doll house but clearly they're meant to be used on a real stove to cook real eggs. But this one was cast iron, which was fun. And then I turned it over and saw the large flower painted on the back and realized it was never meant to be used at all but was intended for decoration. In someone else's kitchen. Because that's just not my style.

As I was contemplating why on earth Micah would have gotten me something like that, he took it from me. Clearly I opened a gift that he meant for himself.  And that was even more baffling. Until he pretended to hit himself in the head with it to show me exactly why he coveted that mini skillet.

Disney's Tangled has forever changed the face of a small boy's arsenal. In addition to all-important swords and guns, boys now also need a frying pan to take out the enemy.

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