We Are Cool Kids Now?

You know what's all the rage? Painting parties. Painting parties are The Thing that one needs to do be considered among the cool kids now. (At least this is the case in our neck of the woods.) I kind of attended a painting party once. It was different than most. You submit a photo of your pet, some very talented artist sketches it, and the you paint your pet. It was super fun, for the time that I was there. Because I am not good at painting, I took my daughter, who is good at painting, and made her paint it for me. We stayed until she got the background done (mostly) and then I had to go home to check on my newborn puppies. That painting is not finished to this day, and my puppies have been raised and sent on to new homes a few months ago.

I couldn't be a cool kid if I tried.

My painting daughter, however, decided to host a painting party at our church. She was hoping for a response of about 4-5 people (including her and myself). That would be good for a first adventure of this sort. The start was slow, and she coerced her grandma to sign up, making it a grand total of the 3 of us for about a week. And then we had 10 people sign up, and she was a little overwhelmed. And then we had 25 people sign up, and she wanted to say, "just kidding! We're not doing this." And then she had 46 people sign up and she wanted to move to Idaho and join the Witness Protection Program, because public speaking isn't anyone's thing at the age of just-turned-20 and she's never taught painting before and she was sure 3/4 of the painters there were probably better artists than she was.

Turns out, she did just fine. Also turns out, painting parties really ARE fun. Everyone had such a good time, including Micah. We charged just enough to cover materials, which equaled $6 per person, and I thought for that price he could paint anything he wanted on his canvas and it would be well worth the investment.

I was right.

He started out pretty good. The subject of choice was a sunflower. We sketched our sunflower first, and Micah did his all by himself. I'm quite proud of it. (It was supposed to be in a corner like that. He done good.)

Then we were given a choice of colors to paint the background. He chose blue. He painted and painted and painted..... and painted some more. And then he just kept on painting until his canvas was filled, because it was a painting party and he liked painting.

When he was done, he walked around and showed everyone his artwork, because he was so proud of it, and he was done first. He also pointed out to the other painters that they had a spot of unpainted on their canvases where they drew their flowers that they needed to fill in. He's helpful like that. When he'd showed everyone his handiwork, he stood it on Becky's easel at the front of the room, so that, just in case someone wasn't sure what to do, they could reference his.

Maybe next time he should teach the class.

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