Mother's Day Weekend

My weekends have been crazy busy this spring. March was filled with craft shows nearly every weekend, and the one weekend I didn't have a show I had play practice for the Easter drama.  April wasn't much better with the busy and the lack of free weekends. I'm not complaining. I'm not. I'm saying that life is busy. This weekend, however, I had 2 free days looking at me. It looked glorious, too.

There were craft shows on Saturday that I wanted to scope out for the future to see if they would be good venues for my businesses. One was local, and one was 2 hours away. I asked Sam if we could take the bike for the day, because that would be fun. I said it could be my Mother's Day present. I love cheap like that. So we spent the day on the bike in the glorious sunshine and nearly 90 degree weather.

I'm going to take a moment out to talk about the weather. WHAT THE HECK? We rocked -20 degrees half the winter, it seems, and in 2 weeks time we're at 90. To put this into perspective, we have 90 degree heat in summer a collective total of about 20 days. This is why we don't have many homes with air conditioning around here. We didn't get spring. At all. Summer is here, and the leaves aren't even fully grown on the trees yet.

The thing is, if your first bike ride of the year is an all-day adventure, your behind is going to set up a protest. Stopping every hour to get off the bike is a must. My gosh, the sore behind. It's nothing to be trifled with. Just.... ouch. We effectively turned that 2 hour trip into a 4 hour one, and then had to come back home. Thankfully, by the last two hours, I think I lost feeling in my posterior muscles. It was a blessing.

We're also rocking sunburn. It's pretty awesome. For real. Being outside in the sunshine is always a glorious day, even if you got a little too much of the sun. It was such an amazing Mother's Day gift.

So on the actual Mother's Day, Becky made a rockin' dinner for the family and grandparents, and then an even more rockin' supper for us that included grilled donuts and peaches topped with ice cream. Screw the diet on Mother's Day, man. I even had Starbucks today. Because I could. It's Mother's Day. I birthed 4 children and parent 5. I think I deserved a few extra treats.

Between lunch and dinner I went golfing with Josh and Quincey. Sam's sunburn hurt a bit much to be in the sun again today, so the boys and I went to have a great time. I rented a cart, however, because we were on a time schedule. Grilled dessert was waiting. And then, because this was the 3rd time I've ever golfed in my life, I took quite a while to do all the things. Like hitting the ball and finding my ball after I managed to hit it, and get it from one end of the fairway to the other and then finally into the hole. The people behind us didn't appreciate this very much. I noticed that they were gaining on us quickly and was going to let them pass us at the next hole. That's golf course etiquette. Even I know that.

Mind you, I was taking pictures the whole time the boys were golfing, because I do that. It's my thing. But I never held up the game because of my photo taking. I'd take photos while waiting for the boys to choose a club or eye up their swing. I got some really good photos, too. It was a super Mother's Day, to be able to spend it with my boys on the course.

Right up until the people coming up behind us were waiting on us to finish the last hole (before we had the chance to let them pass us). And they started yelling. "Get on with it!" We waited quietly for them to pass us, and they blew by us like it was a right they had and we didn't even invite them to, all the while muttering things like, "we have places to go" and "just need to get through this" and "I saw you were taking pictures." So after they teed off and walked by us again, I not-so-quietly muttered things like, "I have places to be, too, like dinner that my daughter is making me for Mother's Day" and "I'm just trying to enjoy the day with my boys. For Mother's Day."

We totally sucked at golfing, but we sure had a good time. And grilled dessert was even more delicious after working off the calories before-hand.

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