Sewing Machine Saga

My sewing machine has been my biggest worker in the studio. Truly, she's had a hard life. I know, the nice man who does the servicing on her told me so. Sadly, she's not that old but just used so often.

I inherited my husband's grandmother's sewing things recently, including her machine. I'm enamored. It's my brand, only with more bells and whistles. And hardly used. Gram was quite a seamstress but she'd purchased this new machine just before becoming ill and it's still so very new.

I took both my machine and Gram's to the shop for a good oiling and once-over before starting in earnest on the fall expansion of the shop. While there the repairman asked me to bring home a Necchi to test drive.

Now this is a new brand for me and I know nothing of it. I also know this is an older model, but I won't ask a lady to reveal her age. At first I was frustrated with how stiff and slow it was. But after a day it's running smoothly and purring like a kitten. Wow. Must have just needed a good stretch.

So today I ventured down to the Southern end of the County to retrieve my co-workers. I felt like a traitor when I asked what he could give me for my original little machine toward the hard working Necchi. We struck a fair deal and I came home with Gram's and the new work horse. I'm looking forward to many years of partnership with this pair.

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