I was thinking that I had a month to create Halloween costumes for the kids. That gives me roughly 3 weeks to ask them repeatedly what they would like to be and have them change their minds often enough to be sure what they want. No problem. Plenty of time.

So my daughter comes home from school and says "can I go to Kayla's party?" Sure. (We know Kayla, she's already been accepted into our culture. We don't allow our kids to go just anywhere on a whim.) "It's a costume party." Oh. When is it? "Tomorrow." Nice.

So now I've gotta scramble to create the best costume I've possibly ever made in less than 24 hours. Kayla and Co. are a set of kids who wear Abercrombie to play in. Their costumes will rock, I'm sure. A quick trip to Wal-Mart will not be the answer to this. And my reputation as a seamstress is at stake. Not to mention my pride. I've made 98% of my kids costumes since they've been toddling from door to door and I'm not about to stop now. It's the one time of year when the kids love what I've made them and wear it with pride. That hasn't happened with the older kids since they were out of diapers.

She wants to be a Pirate. Oh, nice. But wait, she wants to be a girl pirate. I don't know if you've checked the market for girl pirate costumes, but sleazy is a word I'd use loosely to describe them. And it's not happening on my preteen. The picture she pointed out in the magazine is definitely more sleaze than ease. Wow. So I've not only gotta make this costume top notch in quality, style and function, now it's gotta appeal to someone who's expecting hooker and please mom who prefers Little Red Riding Hood. Oh, I love a challenge.

Here's what I came up with. And it was a hit all around. Even dad approved. And I'm thrilled to announce that my daughter isn't as bad as I'd misjudged her to be. Those bandannas are sporting skulls and crossbones because it's incredibly piraty and is like a magnet to the teen crowd. But, although she likes them, she does not like these in particular because the skull has blood on it and is too bony. I'm sighing a huge relief. My little girl wants to get in on the fads but is still a little girl at heart. Maybe they don't grow up so fast. :)


Deanne said...

I like the costume, very cool! Glad you're daughter and friends liked it too, that sounds like a success to me!

mary said...

That costume rocks. Nice job on short notice mom. My Annie had a pirate party when she turned 3, I just cut up a pair of black pants and white t-shirt.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Aye, great costume, gar!


Chaim said...

You will soon realize that, once they hit around age 13, girls seem to view Halloween aas an excuse to dress up like sluts. I don't mean literally, I just mean that if it's a pirate, it's a slutty pirate; if it's Snow White, it's slutty Snow White. Imagine the most innocent costume you can think of –– A turnip, perhaps. Yeah, you got it: slutty turnip.

I am not sure why this happens, but it's one consistent thing I've learned through almost 25 years of observing Halloween from the outside. (Wasn't allowed to observe it to much of an extent as a child.)

Enjoy those teenage years! :)

The Rocking Pony said...

Niiiiice. So my quest has just begun. My mantra from now on will be "how can I make slutty into nursery rhyme safe?" Thank goodness I'll have 11 months of the year to brainstorm ideas.