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Last year when Luke was in kindergarten he came home during Fire Safety Week wearing a paper fireman's hat he'd made. He purposefully strode into the kitchen and said, "Ma'am, is there anything that you need help with?" To which I replied, "no, I think I've got things under control for now. But thank you very much."

"Mom, it's me! I left my coat on so you wouldn't recognize me!"

That's our Luke.


Poor Jackie Legs got hit on the road yesterday. I feel for our kids, who were growing fond of the cat who needed us. But I'm quite furious with the people who dumped him out of their vehicle in the first place. Did they not think something like this would happen? Have they no heart, thoughts or feelings? They may as well have run over him in their own driveway and saved us the heartache.


We're hosting two Thanksgiving dinners here. On the Big Day we're having a family over from church. Is it wrong to say that we may have more fun with them than with our families? We love our families, don't get us wrong. But our friends are just so much fun. And they don't have family to get together with so we're hosting. On Saturday we're getting together with my family. Who knows when we'll get together with hubbs' family. Holidays are like that for us.


I think I've found a new favorite place to shop. I hit Aero's clearance rack (is there anywhere else to shop) and got tons of stuff for better-than-fab prices. At checkout the lady asked if I wanted one of the tees behind the counter for $3. I looked at some but decided I didn't like them enough to spend that much on them. (Yes, I am the cheapest person in the world.) When I got home I realized that the lady put the tee in the bag anyway. Today I returned it but she couldn't find it on the receipt. I pointed it out, but she was unbelieving. She ended up giving me $3.90 back because she thought it was another shirt. Okay, fine. If you want to pay me $.90 to give the shirt back I won't argue. I told you where it was in the first place. So my daughter finds some things she'd like to get for her bro on clearance for Christmas and as we're checking out, the cashier grabs the same tee we just returned and puts it in the bag. (It was still sitting on the counter.) I didn't notice until we got home and was quite upset that I had to return it yet again. But upon looking at my receipt I wasn't charged for it. So not only did they pay me $.90 to return it, they gave me the shirt back for free. Ethically I guess I should return it, huh?


Shellie said...

Sorry about the kitty. The shirt lady is sort of bizarre. Is this shirt some mystical thing like the Traveling Pants? :) Maybe you could just write them a letter and ask if they really want to give you the shirt or not rather than have to make another trip out.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Apparently you and the shirt were meant to be together. It's time that you just go with it.

Poor kitty :-(

Madame Queen said...

I'm with BBM and I think it's fate that you and that shirt are meant to be together. I mean, seriously! AND you came out $.90 richer. You were trying to be honest! I think you've done your part.

I'm sorry about Jackie Legs.

Kellan said...

Sorry about the cat - we live near a main road as well and sometimes lose a cat this way - it's awful. I loved the story about your son in the fireman hat - too cute. Take care and see you soon. Kellan

Anonymous said...

It is totally fate. You and that t-shirt were obviously meant to be together.I think you should just keep it.

Cecily R said...

Poor Jackie Legs. I'm even going to miss that cat! Such a great name. If and when you get another one, please put in my two cents and tell the kiddies to name it JL2.

As for the shirt. I'm all for honesty, but that's ridiculous.

Chris said...

Ah, Thanksgiving. Time for the 4 F', friends, family, and football. What more do we need?

Jennifer said...

Im sorry about the cat :(

I think you should return the shirt AGAIN. Think abot it - you have 4 children. There are needs involved with having 4 kids. College, prom, boxes of wine when they get to driving age... catch my drift? So keep returning the shirt, and you may be able to get enough money to pay for ALL of this. Think about it ;)

The Sports Mama said...

Psst... I passed on a blogging award to you! Head over to my site to check it out! :)

Ben Can Dance said...

Yes, the shirt is destined to be with you. Sorry. :P

Luke sounds like an absolute little doll! "ma'am" cute is that?!

Poor kitty. Even if you only knew him for a short's still sad.

Chris said...

Hey, congratulation to my fellow award winner over at The Sports Mama's place.

Chris said...

Oops, I meant the "You Don't Have to Like Me Blog". Not "The Sports Mama", although that's a good one too.

The Sports Mama said... there someone out there who's using my name for a blog? How have I missed that? :)

Michelle said...

sounds like the store was trying to get rid of the shirt! LOL

So sorry to hear about the cat :(

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys- enjoy the dinner with the friends you have coming over!