Quick Fix

I had someone coming to look at puppies the other day. The puppies have been outside and it's been wet so they spend their time in the building rather than out in the mud. But the building smells like mud and wet dog, and so do the puppies.

I brought the puppies in the house and the smell overpowered the entire 2-story living quarters in .28 seconds. I couldn't bath them because I'd be putting them out again and they'd get sick in the cold weather. What is one to do?

Febreeze of course. I Febreezed the puppies.


Tex's Missus said...

Hey Karen; what a great idea. I wonder if I can Febreze my 15year old son ? Sadly, the child protection agency would probably have a few things to say .... but at least he would finally smell good !!

Bluepaintred said...


this made me laugh so loud my husband said "WHAT!"

way too funny

where can I see pictures of the pups?

Leanne said...


This is HILARIOUS! Can I Febreze my family too?

I think you should send a testimonial in to the company, the least they can do is send you a coupon or something...

Karen said...

Leanne - I'd be afraid of telling the company for fear it shouldn't really be used on pets and they'd turn me in to the ASPCA. Then I wouldn't have a dog to Febreze.

Bluepaintred - I have pics of some of the puppies on my Flickr account. Copy and paste this:


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I am not the only person who has done this! Dog + rain/snow is not a smell I can tolerate, so out comes the Febreze. Wipe down, brush, Febreze, and I have a brand-new dog!

Given the choice between sick puppies, and puppies that were Febrezed, I think even the ASPCA would have to look the other way.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

That's some quick thinking right there! I might have to give it a try since the doggy de-stink spray I bought really just compounds the Bulldog stench.

Karen said...

BB's mom - I've been down the "spendy doggie perfume" road before. Nothing like adding to the smell!