You Snitch!

Our church was taking the kids around to sing to shut-ins this weekend and my preteen daughter invited half her class to come along. Luke (the 6 year old) was quite enamored with them. After one of the stops Becky informed me that he was attacked by the girls and kissed. I figured he was mortified by this as most first grade boys would be. Here's the conversation that took place the next day.

Me: Luke, I hear you scored big with the girls the other night.

Dead silence. I'm feeling a bit guilty now because I only meant to tease, not completely embarass him.

Luke: Way to go, Becky. (If only you could hear the level accusation in his tone as he said this.)

We all burst out in laughter. That would be our Luke. Mental note: keep an eye on this one as he gets older.


Madame Queen said...

Yes, I would definitely keep my eye on THAT one. He sounds like he might be a lady-killer! Too funny!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Yikes! He's six and already knows to hide girlfriends from his parents? You really do need to keep an eye on him!

Michelle said...

I would have been laughing too!

Kellan said...

Karen - cute story and CUTE boy! see ya.

Zoe said...

he is cute! better lock him up now!