What a Day

It's been one of those days. And apparently it's been Internet wide. It has officially been declared What the Heck Week by a bloggy friend. Actually, TrannyHead declared it WTF week but as this is a family-friendly blog, and I don't even swear, I've rechristened it.

What the Heck Week.

One of our corgis is limping. Like, WTH?! After shaving her leg and inspecting it closely, I saw a cut. Not deep, not big, not infected, not nasty looking, not go-to-the-vet bad. But she's limping. Let's hope it stays not-go-to-the-vet bad because it would be nice to get through my New Year's resolution for a whole month, no?

My Andis clippers aren't working well. I take good care of them, I lube them after every use, I haven't used them in forever. They're not working. WTH?! I can't afford to replace them right now. Or get new blades. It took 5 minutes to shave a quarter sized spot off the dog's leg.

The acid reflux is back with a vengeance. In fact, after downing half a bottle of antacid liquid and a pill, I ended up vomiting after a coughing spree. WTH?! Not fun, people. Not fun.

Becky came home from school with blisters on her tonsils. While it was late afternoon, the doctor said there was no way they could get us in until tomorrow. WTH?! We're small town, people. There's always space for emergencies. Who here doesn't think strep isn't an emergency? Why would you not give a child meds, but instead make her suffer through the night with it? WTH?!

The Virgin Mary is now the Prodigal. We have a nativity set for the kids to play with (because what better thing is there for the kids to play with at Christmas?) and when we packed up the Christmas Crazy, she was missing. We searched high, we searched low, we searched in the toy box and in the dog kennels. Mary was not to be found. After rearranging the living room this week we found her hiding under the sofa. WTH? Mary? Are you and Joseph on the outs?

Somehow, someway, something spilled inside the oven door and besmirched the glass. WTH?! There is no way for me to clean this, and it drives me iNsAnE. If I completely dismantled the entire door, it may come clean. But are they meant to be dismantled? Would I break something? Would it hold heat after that or would some seal be broken that should never have been? How did something get between the glass?!

I've been desperately trying to lose a few extra pounds. They've been accumulating since I birthed our first child nearly 14 years ago, and quite frankly I'm tired of them. They need evicted. I've dieted with success, but then those pesky pounds find me and bring friends to celebrate the reunion. I figure this time I'm just eating smarter. Sure, it'll take sooooo much longer, but hopefully it'll stay off. I lost 5 pounds since Christmas. I was kinda pleased with myself. I gained 6 pounds in 2 days when we were in Pittsburgh. WTH?! It's just not fair.

I cannot get gloves to fit. When it "fits like a glove" the thumb is always too long. It's taken me these many years to figure out that I apparently have short thumbs. WTH? Is this a sign of lesser reasoning powers to figure things like this out?

WTH? Who lets their child eat out of a peanut butter jar with a spoon? On the living room floor? Oh, wait, that would be me. Yeh, it's been one of those days.


SunflowerMom said...

What a day! As I am reading this, Sean stripped himself down to just a shirt and started jumping around. Aidan followed suit, so we began singing "It's Naked Boney Jumpin Time! It's Naked Boney Jumpin' Time!" to the tune of the Peanut Butter Jelly song. Then I scroll down and see your son eating PB. LOL

Melissa said...

Holy cow, you have had quite the week already (shocking since it's only Monday).

Here's hoping WTH Week turns into ETOK week (that's everythings okay week, for those not in the know) ;)

Karen Deborah said...

sounds like your venting, it has been that kind of week. You can get your Andis blades sharpened.
the rest of it well, WTH? works for me

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

Full moon tonight ... everythings just a bit out whack when that happens (at least for me).

Girlys are driving me NUTS.

Need a break ... and BADLY.

I am SOOOOO having a cocktail at the blogger get together. I may even have more than one and do the CAB thing! THAT is how serious I AM -

Lovin Mama said...

smart moms choose jif, any brand will do to buy you some time until dinner.

how olds the oven? my friend had this happen to her new oven door and the manufacturer replaced it

Palaboy said...

my dog loves to snatch things and hides it in her dog kennel... so whenever there is something missing in our house we usually check first the dog kennel to see it she snatched it again...

It is I said...

Last year was a WTH/WTF type of year for me, thankfully this year has been better for me. Although we are only 26 days into the new year. But I will keep praying that it goes well.

Im sorry that you are having such a stressful day.

I have somethin for you on my blog that will maybe cheer you up


pb&j in a bowl said...

It's been that kind of week for me too. And I also let Maddie eat peanut butter out of the jar while sitting on the floor.

HalfAsstic.com said...

WTH! indeed! I feel quite sure the corgi was more tired of sitting still waiting for you to finish shaving her than you were tired of trying to get it done.
I also now realize that probably doesn't make you feel any better about it... sorry.
I hope you can reunite Mary and Joseph. She DOES look a bit lonely. Here's hoping.
The oven door thing is just weird. I am guessing there is a seal broken anyhow cause how else did the stuff get spilled in there? I think I'd try to take it apart...
And that child? needs a banana stuck into that jar of peanut butter!

The Sports Mama said...

If it should help to make you feel better, know that BOTH my boys have been known to grab a spoon and the peanut butter jar and wander around the house. For HOURS. There have even been days when that meant I no longer had to feed them dinner.

And I was HAPPY about it.

the planet of janet said...


just ... grrrrrrrrrr.

JennyH said...

Yesterday was not a great day. but it has to get better -right?!

Good job on losing those 5 pounds- I'm sure you can lose them again in no time!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I second that emotion! My son spilled the Great Pyrenees's GIGANTIC water bowl all over the floor. I cleaned it up. Later he got into the pantry and spilled a box of potato flakes. I cleaned it up. Apparently when he snatched the potato flakes, he also took out the barley, but wait to spill it until I was DONE WITH THE POTATO FLAKES!!! My husband gets home in t minus 3 hours and 46minutes. DEAR LORD, LET HIM BE ON TIME!

Karen said...

Domestic Goddess - I think mopping up the dog's water (and that is one big dog, BTW) totally counts as mopping the floor.

Debbie Yost said...

Forget the kids, I love to eat peanut butter from a spoon. With a little sugar sprinkled on top! I'll pass on sitting on the floor, though.

Hope your week gets better.

Trannyhead said...

I only hope the other WTF Wednesday posts are this good. This was just awesome. Really. Awesome.

PS - that liquid in the oven thing would make me crazy, too. It gets a total wtf. I mean - I bet NO ONE knows how it got there, either. You know - just like how the stains on the carpet magically appeared and the vase magically was broken. wtf.

Michelle said...

Heh. At least we know we aren't alone in all the weirdness that happens to us.

How about, I lotion my hands with body butter each night and use lotion throughout the day. And my hands are now cracked and flaking and it actually tweaks/hurts to type because it's stretching the dry skin. WTH? (And you don't want to know how long it took me to type those letters in the right order -- I don't use that one much either!)

Flea said...

Looks like Micah's licking the PB out of the jar without the aid of a spoon. He's my kind of kid!

Andrea said...

Well, at least Micah enjoyed the day!! LOL, I love Peanut Butter on a spoon!! LOL!!

And girl, what a day, and that oven would totally make me mad!! And I don't think you can take it apart, and it shouldn't have "leaked" like that. Nothing should be able to get in there!! What a day!!!