Random, Unleashed

It's been a while since I've gone all random on the readers, so I figure it's time that I let it out. Here's what's going on in our teeny tiny world.

* We caught the mouse in the van. It's only been 4 months since we've first seen it. Boy howdy did that thing smell. I guess that's reason right there to go into town daily for Starbucks - I would have known the mouse was trapped before decay set in.

I'm sorry. I hope you weren't eating. If you are, you'll most likely want to just stop now because there is more to come.

* We caught two mice in the basement. I am 97.6% sure they came in with the marvy new (used) treadmill. They were the pretty brown variety and all we've ever had here in the 11 years of residence are the drab gray field variety. Lucky us; we now have a new strain on the loose.

* With spring comes evidence of heavy rat infestation at the kennel. I used a bulk pack of rat rid, and have yet to see evidence of it's effectiveness. I won't count the one we found drowned in Micah's personal pool.

* I worked at leveling that personal pool over the weekend as the next step in the making of it. Micah found that filling it with water is an excellent way to check it's levelness. (Fun new word alert.) Thankfully it was within an eighth inch of perfection, and I can live with that.

* The boys spent the weekend swimming. You have to understand that April in the mountains means cold and rain. I cannot ever remember swimming in April. Not last year, not five years ago, not ever. While this is whacked for our neck of the woods in it's own right, the fact that we had snow last Tuesday makes it even more so. It makes bizarre look downright normal.

* Micah spent the weekend working on his full body tan. The kid browns instantly. He's already more tan than I'll be after an entire summer spent outdoors. I wish this chalky vampire whiteness on nobody, and yet my poor daughter is cursed with the same genes.

* We're doing a remodel of the breakfast nook. It used to be that, now it's a mess. In the near future I hope it will be kid central for their computer and TV area. This facilitated a trip to the local Salvation Armani, and duuuude, the things I saw there made my wallet do a back flip in my purse. I walked away with a cherry headboard and foot board to make into shelving for $10. (I know! Can you even believe it?) Of course, they wouldn't fit in the car and as we were trying to break the legs off without actually breaking the piece we wanted to use (and the guy in the truck in front of us tried not to visibly laugh because then he would be forced to come help) our neighbor walked up and offered to haul it home in the back of his truck. And that's why Salvation Army is located right next to Tractor Supply. You just never know when you'll need your neighboring farmer with a truck to haul something home for you, and Tractor Supply is the best place to find a farmer in town.

* I called twice to make an appointment for Micah to get into that fun new place that evaluates his lack of speech. I left messages each time and was reassured that someone would call me back. You know as well as I do that it's a lie, and it was. On the third try I got through to someone who immediately recognized who I was when I said I was referred from the Downs Clinic (because I said so on both messages) and they were instantly "oh, did someone try to call you?" and "I'll bet she put you in the system but just hasn't made your appointment yet." And I was all "yeh, you say that because you know you're busted." But the good news is that we're going next week. I have no expectations for this appointment, but I feel as though I have to try. It's my son, and his lack of speech that we're talking about.

* This week promises to continue with the good weather. I'm glad. I really am. I just wish that we'd have had some sort of acclimation to summer. My blood is way too thick for this kind of heat and I've been suffering with sunshine hangover the last few days. I'm not complaining, mind you, just wishing that spring would have happened before summer hit with it's heat wave. The good news is that I haven't burned yet, so there's that.

* My goal for summer has been shifted from possibly attempting to potty train Micah to getting Micah to keep shorts on while swimming. This may or may not go well. Nakey Boy is quite fond of his nakey ways, but one can always make the attempt. Rest assured though that this will not be a case of "if you can't beat them, join them."


Viv said...

The cute brown ones are the worst. I have to keep reminding myself about all the troubles they bring so I don't try and make friends.

Lovin Mama said...

Yeah, we've had some warm weather all right. My kids don't believe me when I tell them it will cool off again.

Rats are huge! We had them once. Did you take a picture of the dead one. I would have. My husband made me scare the rat out of the garage so he could shoot at it. Don't tell PETA.

SunflowerMom said...

LOL at Brandi's comment! Teah, I don't handle rodents on the loose too well. Which is odd because in college I kept rats as pets for 3 years. When we had our art gallery business, this little brown mouse was known to dart back and forth between my office and Doug's in broad daylight! The nerve!

Maybe the nakky swimming will help with the PTing? I plan on trying that approach. Keeping pants on Sean is a futile task!

ModernMom said...

Hee Hee Sunshine hang over and a new strain of mice. You had a busy weekend!

My name is Sarah said...

Hey we just found a dead mouse in our basement. My mom is too chicken to pick it up so we have to wait for dad to come home.

CC said...

Good for you for keeping at it for the speech eval!!

and mice, and rats....ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!

JennyH said...

you always crack me up! max (and the crew) went naked for a long time. Even last summer I caught them all out back naked, even though they did start with suits on.

Glad to hear the mouse in the van was caught. Not so glad to think about that smell you may have to smell for the rest of the life of the van!

I'm super pale as well. Max's skin is like mine. we both burn. Sam on the other hand will tan very nicely! Not fair.

Have fun swimming Micah- aren't you freezing?

Flea said...

I'm trying not to envision Nakey boy at 18 - or 35 - still swimming and refusing to wear trunks. Ew.

Trannyhead said...

Dude - I hate dealing with medical offices. I'm struggling currently to get my OBGYN records from my last doc. After literally weeks of repeated calls, faxes, mailings, etc., I still haven't heard from those jerks. I'm going over there tomorrow in person to demand the file. I've noticed it's much harder to turn an enraged tranny head away when faced with the wrath in person than over the phone.

Shellie said...

If you go for the swimming suit goal, try duct tape!

Michelle said...

I'm thinking you need to start breeding some cats in addition to dogs ;)

And I hope the speech appointment was worthwhile. I'm sure you've posted about it already but ... for having a week "off to myself" I'm not six days behind in blog reading and only slightly less stressed than I was before my time off. I think I'm ready to be a permanent SAHM mom.