The Pros and Cons

Pro: Getting a goat. She's darling, really. Bella follows us like a puppy and is the sweetest and gentlest thing ever. And? She thinks the briers in the hedge that have been the thorn in my flesh (literally) for many years are the best treats ever.

Con: Keeping a goat confined is like holding back the tide. It just doesn't happen. Darn goats and their climbing, escapist ways. She jumped over a 4' chain link kennel. From a stand-still, she leaped to the top of the fence, balanced briefly on the metal pipe, and leaped to the ground. She is also not too keen on staying in the pony pasture with the electric fence. While the ponies respect the fence, Bella was more like "meh, that's for mammals that care."

Pro: Getting a too-fun metal sculpture thingy at Salvation Armani today. It looks equally fab inside or out, and the price was $3.99.

Con: Losing the blue sticker tag off the metal sculpture thingy in the store and retracing every step I made while toting that thing around in my cart. The store won't sell anything that doesn't have a price on it, so I ended up hunting down a manager and asking them to re-sticker I while I entertained Micah and waited. The priceless part comes in when Micah pulled a weird blue sticker off my arm sometime after we got home. Yeh, it was.

Pro: In relation to that picture above, you'll notice the two-tone wall. Loving the colors. Just need to get the white trim up between them and it'll be quite snappy.

Con: In relation to the picture above, you'll notice the dark spots on the carpet in the front of the photo. It wasn't like that when it was installed. I loathe carpet. Really, I do. I cannot wait to replace it with anything BUT carpet.

Pro: Mocha Frappuccino. 'Nuff said.

Con: Paying for it. GAH!

Pro: Drive-in movies in the summertime. What better way to spend an evening of family togetherness than watching a movie on an outdoor big screen?

Con: The fact that Micah is still up at the butt-crack of dawn when he's kept up until midnight watching a movie.

Pro: The fish pond. Who knew I'd love it so much? I look forward to visiting Jeffrey and Denver ever morning and several times throughout the day just to check on them. (The kids named them, don't judge.)

Con: Pond maintenance. I suck at such things. The water is dirty, a tadpole mysteriously disappeared, the water testing will be the death of me, and the filter needs cleaned constantly. But the fish haven't died and it's been several weeks.

Pro: Summertime. If you listen closely you can probably hear me smiling.

Con: Flies. For the love of Pete, who keeps letting the door open?

Semi-Pro: Putting Luke in charge of fly duty. Hearing him say, "I waged a war on those flies" makes my heart proud.

Pro: The fact that summer still has two months between now and the start of school.

Con: Micah has Extended School Year starting next week. I am already not happy about that, and I know for a fact that he won't be. I'm thinking we'll get a week's worth before deciding we're both so over it.

Pro: Warm summer evenings on the patio, roasting s'mores and watching fireflies.

Con: Fifty-five degree evenings on the eve of July. What the heck?!


Anonymous said...

What a great list! Summer sounds like a lot of fun in your neck of the woods - even if it does include a little extra school. And yeah for the SA score - very cool looking. And I like the paint as well - it is going to look really sharp with the white trim.

(And the goat is too cute! Hubby has decided he wants a miniature cow. I told him to run it by his second wife, because his first wife? Not really interested.)

Viv said...

I love your colors too. Very pretty, very relaxing.

Don't knock 55, it is 85 here 2 in the morning. The days are more like 105 for the past couple of weeks. I'm afraid we won't see the park or zoo again until Fall.

Michelle said...

I suppose I'm not supposed to giggle at the goat, am I? Hey, at least your pro didn't involve climbing on and denting your cars(s)!

We're also confused about the weather, especially me and my jeans that I'm wearing today. On July 1.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Celebrating summer with you!

(Though I think that goat thing was a little dicey . . . jury's still out.) : D

utmomof 5 said...

I was thinking of heading to the local salvation army place here, now you have inspired me to go find a good bargain!!

Are you kids big John Denver fans? Is Jeffery Denver is brother? :)

Burgh Baby said...

The pond maintenance gets better. You just have to get through that first little bit of torture. (So sayeth the chick who hasn't cleaned ours in a month and refuses to do it now since we are closing it next weekend.)

You done good with the painting! Why don't you go paint at my house now? Heh.

JennyH said...

Bella sounds fun!

We used to have a lot of fish tanks so I know what you mean about fish/pond maintenance. I love koi, but they are some dirty fish! That is what's in your pond right?

Flys-Oh my gosh. the kids apparently do not know how to close a freakin door. I can't stand fly swatters either. Splatting fly pieces and guts everywhere just kinda grosses me out!

55 is a little chilly!! While in Yellowstone he had the heaters on at night (it got down in the 40's). Here, in KC, it is HOT so 55 doesn't sound that bad right now.

Melissa said...

Love the paint colors...and the doo-dad from Salvation Armani (hysterical btw)!

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. LOL!!! It is official, I am cancelling therapy and just coming to your blog each evening before bed, better yet in the morning before I have to deal with the telemarketers and angry patients. Happy July:) said...

Loved this! Love your metal sculpture thingy and your color pallet in the living room is wonderful and fresh.
Jeffrey and Denver? Too funny!
55 degrees in July? Are you freaking kidding me!?! It has gotten over 100 every single day for about two weeks now. And it's not even August yet! We are doomed to go up in smoke.

Trannyhead said...

Flies? For me? It's the gnats ... or as we used to call them Down South, "No See 'Ems." I LOATHE them and their fly-in-your-nostrils ways.