The Best Christmas Gift Ever

So now that the cat is out of the bag about our upcoming Disney trip, let's discuss it for a moment, shall we?

I was at Disney twice in my life. The first time I was there was when I was 19 years old and our family was in Florida visiting my future brother-in-law from hell. Since we were on his turf, he was in charge. We were naive and trusted that he'd do right by us. We had no idea how much of a stupid idea THAT was. Live and learn, and boy-howdy did we ever. Do you know how much I remember from that trip? The villages at Epcot. That's it. I'd have to look at pictures to see what else we did. I have suspicions that we did Disney and Epcot in one day if that tells you anything.

The only other time I was at Disney was 12 years ago when Becky was 2 and Josh was 6 months old. We were visiting Sam's brother in LA and the entire family (yes, the ENTIRE family - MIL and FIL included) decided it would be such a fun idea to visit the park between Christmas and New Year's. That was just as big a mistake as going with BILFH. Just thinking about the crowds will still send me into a fetal position in a corner of my closet. We rode one ride - and that was during the parade. It was that insane. I remember fighting crowds, and the evening parade. That's it.

I'm seriously looking forward to this trip. So are the kids.

We get to go during one of the slowest weeks of the year, it'll be decorated for Christmas, and the kids will be awed sufficiently. I cannot wait to share the magic with them, and see the looks on their faces, and live Disney through their eyes.

But it's more than that.

The Sunshine Foundation has their own Village outside the Disney parks. With Micah being a rare exception, most of the children there are terminally ill. Sam and I have had a very small glimpse into this world through our visits to Children's Hospital, but our kids have been blissfully shielded. Our children, thankfully, have tender hearts. They can appreciate health in themselves when they see that basic right deprived in someone else. They can cry for the child who doesn't get the chance to graduate high school. And because of Micah, they're not afraid to reach out to someone else and make a connection, if that connection will make someone else feel a little more special.

I'm thinking that this year at Christmas, when we're back from a glorious Disney vacation, our kids will realize that we are incredibly blessed. That we don't need gifts heaped under our tree, because we have each other. That we don't need things to make us happy, because we are healthy.

I'm thinking it won't be Disney's magic that will make our holidays shine this year. It'll be the magic that we encounter at the Village, in all the smiling faces of the Bravest Kids on Earth.

13 comments: said...

Awesome post! And you're right, this will be a magical experience for everyone involved. Also the other kids in the village.

Laski said...

They are blessed. They have YOU! And, I speak from experience.

You are going to have a blast . . . and you deserve every single bit of fun you have!

Roger said...

We went there last year, around the same time that you are going this year, and let me tell you it is a really cool place to be. Disney does Christmas right in my opinion. If you get the chance, go and see the Osbourne light show at Hollywood Studios - AWESOME! Also, Cinderella's castle is so beautiful with the way they light it up. Did I mention the new Princess show at the Liberty Belle? I just read that they are doing that show 3 times a day, and who knows, maybe you and your family will get picked to participate on the boat. I think I'm gonna have to book my trip for next year now. If you want any suggestions, I'll gladly share, as you may have noticed I kind of get excited about all things Disney. :)

Anonymous said...

I knew you were going to Disney, but I didn't know how the trip came about - HOW FREAKIN' AWESOME! What a wonderful experience it is going to be for the kids - I have no doubt they will walk away from the trip with some amazing memories and even more apprecieation for what they have. LOVE the picture . . . especially that little pencil holder in the front :)

BeautifulWreck said...

:) The kids and you are going to be blessed, and you are going to have loads of fun.

Flea said...

Y'all are going to have SO MUCH FUN. I'm not one bit jealous. :) And yes, your kids are all truly blessed. Love the longer hair on your older boys.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

A gift that will keep on giving . . . what a blessing.

We will miss you by just a smidge, as we will be in Disney from Nov 14-22 (another S-L-O-W time by the stats -- yippie!).

I can't wait! You must be so EXCITED!!! Get ready for FUN FUN FUN as you watch the eyes of your children sparkle with the magic.

I'm so happy for you! ; D

Karen Deborah said...

Wow what a beautiful post and you hit it. Maybe you can all come home and serve somewhere, a soup kitchen or some place that helps kids? Getting off the band wagon of presents galore is a huge release to enjoy the holiday itself!
your right about where the real treasures will be and I am really happy for your family to get to do this!

JennyH said...

Oh my gosh-- Could you have any more going on??!! Wow- what an awesome trip! I have never been. We plan on going within 2 years though.

Good luck on the redecorating!!

Christmas Elf said...

What a beautiful story... it makes the trip that much more meaningful. This promises to be the best Christmas.

Michelle said...

Oh what a great post ... and a great idea. I'm with you on the presents not being needed, and I hope they come out if it agreeing with you.

DON'T forget to get your pass inside the park. Shoot me an email if you need more details and haven't been given the scoop.

Michelle said...

How wonderful that Micah was able to get a wish granted and your family is going to Disney!

Make sure you stop at guest relations and get that special needs pass (unless the Sunshine Foundation has that already taken care of for you) but it is a wonderful thing not to have to wait in those lines, especially if Micah's attention span is anything like Kayla's!

Michelle said...

Forgot to say that I love the new header! Not sure when you changed it as I've been behind, as usual, but I love the picture!