Parental Geniuses Right Here. And Now I've Jinxed Myself and It'll Never Work Again.

For a few years now (like ever since Micah moved out of his crib) we've been sitting with the boy so that he'll go to sleep at night. Josh and Luke each have a set of bunk beds in their rooms and Micah just thought it was the most fun game of Musical Beds ever once night rolled around.

Top bunk in Luke's room!

Bottom bunk in Luke's room!

Bottom bunk in Josh's room!

Top bunk in Josh's room!

Hey, let's visit Becky's bed!

This would go on for an hour with no signs of stopping. It was very effective at keeping the Sandman away. Also effective in the Killing of Parental Patience department. So we started sitting with Micah so that he'd just lay down already and go to sleep.

We've been sitting with the boy for nearly two years now.

Because the end of one year is a good time to think about things that you want to change for the next year, I recently said one night as Sam was herding Micah up the stairs, "you know, maybe this should be the year that we teach the boy to sleep in his own bed." (We sit with Micah in our bedroom - there's a TV in there, yo. Once he's asleep he's promptly carried elsewhere and deposited.)

That night, Micah fell asleep in the bottom bunk of Luke's bed. There was very little running around, very little yelling, and a boy who fell asleep on his very own.

Pure bliss, right there.

And the best part? It's been repeated every single night for the past week. Apparently if you wait long enough, kids will decide that they want to grow up all on their own and you just have to let them.


Viv said...

Wow! I am so motivated. I keep fervently wishing that my babies will fall asleep on their own. Bedtime here draws on for at least two hours. Go Micah! That baby of yours is growing into such a big boy!

Michelle said...

Whoo! Go Micah :) So glad it was so easy for you (and him). I know I've been lucky in the bedtime department, but I know sooo many others aren't. Fingers crossed this sticks!

the planet of janet said...

good grief, woman!!! don't say these things out loud!!!!!!!!

(hope it lasts)

Burgh Baby said...

Take it back! Hurry! Before you jinx yourself!

Cecily R said...

Sleep issues are PLENTIFUL at our house's flattening me. Will saying THAT outloud have that whole jinxing effect on us? Because the opposite of what's been going on around here would be GREAT. :)

Hope the goodness lasts at your hosue!

Anonymous said...

What a bittersweet achievement for you all! Both Cooper and Maren have finally progressed to being able to go to sleep in their own beds alone, and while the sleep-deprived me is THRILLED, that little part of me that wants to cuddle up with them every night is a bit sad. I hope that the trend continues! said...

Wow! That's awesome! Now aren't you head slapping yourself for not trying it sooner? That's me, when I finally get something to happen, instead of just being happy it did, I think about why couldn't I have found a way to do it sooner. ;-)