Zenned Out

With Becky homeschooled, we purchased a yoga video. This counts for gym class for her, exercise for me, and together time for the both of us. Her friends are now green with envy.

I learned a lot from the video. What's not so shocking is the fact that I am not flexible. I never have been. Age has made that so much worse.

Micah decided to join us on the carpet, and being incredibly blessed with flexibility beyond the range of normal, he rocked the yoga poses. But being an attentive little guy, it wasn't long before he realized that the Yoga Lady had on a full suit of Spandex and he was clad only in a diaper. We have successfully found a way to get Micah clothed. Score one for yoga.

As I was stretching in a lunge with my arms in the air, Micah became bored with the whole let's take this time to be quiet and restful and turned it into WWE! YOU'RE GOING DOWN! as he pushed me from behind, ricocheting me off of Becky. Yoga and wrestling are a single push away from each other. I had no idea.

I can totally do the downward facing dog and the upward facing dog (see me learn new phrases!) but there is no way that I can do that other thing where your knees are facing one way and your shoulders another and your body is screaming to just be put back on the elliptical again for a whole hour instead of this torture. It's shocking what you can find under the couch when you're stuck on the floor and not able to get up.

Micah enjoyed the whole thing so much that he needed Woody to get in on the action, too. He lined up Woody, and Woody, and Buzz, and another Woody, and then there wasn't room on the carpet for me any longer.

I can't say that I'm too upset about this. Me and yoga probably aren't destined to be BFFs. I can clearly see that it's more for the cowboy set.


Michelle said...

Awww c'mon, you aren't giving yoga its proper due. :) It isn't about being flexible, it's about moving your body in ways that are healthy for the internal organs and other "things" that make a difference in your life. Think Micah would be interested in making his Toy Story buddies do yoga with you?

Shellie said...

Yay for downward dogs. Did you get around to cleaning under the couch? Wrestling and yoga do have a lot in common, but it does have many benefits. So why don't I ever get around to it?

Trisha said...

Yoga is certainly something that you need to work on in order to even be "okay" at. I do Yoga on the Wii and . . . not so good!

caramama said...

Don't give up yet! It really isn't about being flexible. And what a great activity to do with your daughter, even if Micah turned it into wrestling!

HalfAsstic.com said...

"...Woody and Woody and Buzz and another Woody." ;-)