Saturday Shots. So They're 2 Days Late, But Who's Counting, Really?

I may become a photo-only blogger. It's tempting. I swear one needs a week's vacation after vacation to transition to real life.

Yes, I do consider a missions trip to South(er) Texas a vacation. There is no better way to spend your time than serving the Lord. It was awesome. I'll round out some thoughts on that someday, but in the meantime, I'm exhausted. Getting home was a long day and a half.

If I distract you with photos, maybe you'll forget that I haven't posted much in the past week.

He's expecting to double his girlfriend count on Facebook with this photo. He's also in love with kneeboarding. Too bad the closest waves are 3 hours one way. And also, just because he recently turned 13 doesn't mean that he has to look so grown-up. The heck did my little boy go?

Ugly or no, those little piggies were happy to wiggle in the sand and sport their tan line for an hour or so. They are the original version of  Happy Feet.

Oh, the happy. There is nothing like wind and waves to relax a weeks' worth of sweat and hard work. Ignore the husband's marvy tan line. Sam is a fan of shoes and socks when he works outdoors. But I think that's rather obvious.

You think I'd go on vacation and leave dogs completely out of the picture?

The Orphanage Dog. He was one of many, of course, and very happy with kids to play with.

The Alamo provided so, so many photo opportunities. It was awesome.

And this was just plain fun.


Viv said...

Awesome, simply awesome.

Trisha said...

So glad that you had fun while helping others. It makes life more worthwhile to help, doesn't it?

JennyH said...

I can barely wait to hear all about your vacation.

Holy smokes, 13 years? He does look much older! very good picture.