And Then I Smiled Out Loud

Luke has been saving his money for quite some time for Big Important Things. The Big Important Things change all the time, ranging from an iPod touch to a Wii to Something, I Just Haven't Decided What Yet. For a 9 year old boy, he actually had a good bit saved. Especially considering that his birthday is in December and he made this resolve over summer, well past any holiday "freebie" earnings.

Being a parent, I tried to help him as much as I could. While he does chores around here because he's a member of the family and everyone chips in, I paid him to do extras on occasion. It was about this time that I had my first and only pedicure (oh, heaven! The bliss!) but quickly realized that while I could get used to that, it's not really in my budget to be a regular basis kind of thing. I paid Luke to give me a pedicure every week or so. It wasn't quite professional quality, but at $2 per pedi, I really didn't expect that. It was a win-win for both of us.

When a missionary came to our church last month, Luke was very generous with his giving. In fact, he gave nearly all his hard earned and well saved money. I didn't discourage him. I will never discourage my kids from sharing with those that need. I was proud of Luke for recognizing that someone needed his money more than he did, and willingly gave.

So today Luke asked me if I needed a pedicure any time soon. I did, actually, but knew there was something motivating him.

"Sure, I could use one. Why?"

I'd like to buy a video game for Josh as a get well gift.

"That's very kind and thoughtful."

How much does a video game cost, do you know?

"I'd guess it depends on what you get. There's probably a range of prices."

Well I don't have much money and I'd like to get him one soon.

"I know you do, buddy. But Josh can't play video games right now anyway so you can wait for a little bit while you save."

That boy, he makes my heart smile.


utmomof 5 said...

Ohh, how gosh darn sweet. It made me smile too :)

My boys just fart on each.

Trisha said...

You are raising some wonderful kiddos!

Mary said...

What a great story. Thank you for sharing!

Annette W. said...


Love that story!

Maybe Meghan could give me my first pedicure...hmm.

JennyH said...

What a sweet little guy you have!

Teresa Dawn said...

What a sweet thoughtful boy! I pray he'll always be like that!