Humor In The Hands of Fate

I was in the sewing room this morning when Josh walked in. "Me and Micah managed to get my underwear up, but can you help me with my shorts?" There is something wrong with life when your disabled, seven year old brother has to help you use the facilities. Having both arms incapacitated is way more difficult than one would think.

Not that one ever thinks of these kind of things, of course. Josh did say that he's pretended his foot was broken, or an arm, and tried to get through different scenarios, but never with two arms broken. I'm not sure what's more disturbing; the fact that the boy thinks about breaking bones and getting through the day like that, or the fact that he's now relying on his brother to help get him dressed. (You know, the brother that sometimes needs help getting dressed himself.)


Ironically, at dinner the night before Josh had the accident, we were talking about one of his school classes called Invention and Innovation. (I know. Talk about the New Age movement. What the heck kind of class is that anyway? And why is it useful in society? Unless you plan to invent things, but that's such a long shot in the game of life. I mean, I'm all for encouraging creativity, but really? You waste my kid's time and my tax money on Invention and Innovation? Why not something useful like, I don't know, MATH?) (End rant.) One of the things someone came up with was the Wipe-O-Matic. We got quite the chuckle out of the toilet paper roll mounted on the toilet tank, running down and across the seat, and unrolled by a foot pedal on the floor.

This was also a topic of great amusement to us as Josh was laying on a hospital bed in the ER. We didn't realize at the time that it was going to be an invention we wished we had just the next day. Maybe Invention and Innovation isn't that big of a waste of time as I originally gave it credit for.


To help with the boredom of a boy who's an outdoor enthusiast (he got injured racing pedal bikes in a cow pasture, for heaven's sake) I took him into town today to rent some movies and get lunch. He chose Chinese. Those fortune cookies are always fun to crack open and read, but 94.8% of the time they are vague, mean nothing, and certainly don't apply to your life in the least. Today was providential.

Mine read, "There is never an ordinary day in your life." Heh. Isn't that the truth?

Josh's read, "You never appreciate water until the well is dry." Also truth.

That was weird. Two fortunes that couldn't be more applicable.


Brandie said...

I hope Josh heals without complications and quickly. How good for Micah to be given an opportunity to help someone else.

Why do kids insist on riding bikes in the grass and fields? Mine are always going down the hill in the neighbor's yard and crashing into picnic tables and sheds. Guess thats what makes them kids!

Trisha said...

Poor Josh! I do think it is wonderful that Micah can help his older brother for once instead of vice-versa!

Michelle said...

Ow ow ow! But ummm yeah, lacking two arms is a challenge. Now to hope he doesn't fall while dragging the shorts around his ankles and injure something else.

How does he manage at school?!

Flea said...

Seriously? You've never practiced what you'd do if you were injured? As a kid I'd pretend to be blind or deaf, just in case.