Luke's Story

The 4th grade class is doing a lot of creative writing this year. I approve. I also enjoy reading Luke's stories. Like this one.

Last night I woke up to find the tooth fairy sitting on my pillow and she shot her little hip-mo-gun at me and I was hypnotized. But it only lasted about 15 seconds because she had to use it a lot already. Then I ran to get a jar because I thought it was a firefly. When I came back I saw her carrying a 100 dollar bill. Then I realized it was the tooth fairy. Then she grabbed her split-o-gun and turned it into a 5 dollar bill. That's when I made a quick move and she froze me with her freeze-o-gun. Next she flew out the door with my 95 dollars! The freeze-o-gun wore off and I only got 5 dollars.

First of all, the boy has quite the imagination. Second, that explains a lot. I've suspected for years that the mythical Split-O-Gun existed, but now I have hard evidence. While I've never had a 100 dollar bill in my wallet, I've found 20's broken so many times. Everyone knows that smaller bills spend so much faster than larger bills, and once the big bills are blasted with that Split-O-Ray, the money is as good as gone.

And now we know, thanks to a 9 year old boy.


utmomof 5 said...

Love it :) Kids creative writing makes me smile!!

My name is Sarah said...

That explains it all:)

Trisha said...

Ah-hah! Now we know what happens to the money we think we have! Thanks for sharing.

caramama said...

Of course! The split-o-gun! It's all so clear now!

Love the story.

Roger said...

My tooth fairy's Split-o-gun was a lot more efficient, as I never got more that a quarter. :)

Love the story, kudos to Luke.