Giving Thanks

At our church's Thanksgiving Eve service, the pastor asked what we were thankful for. He handed the microphone to the speaker so that everyone could hear and share in the blessings. The kids were in service with us, and Micah was busily entertained on his iPod Touch. Luke, however had something to be thankful for.

After Luke spoke, he handed the microphone back. Micah handed his Touch to daddy. Daddy gave me The Look, and we both knew that Micah just had a light bulb moment.

If you raise your hand, you get a crack at the microphone.

If he got that microphone, we were all in trouble. Micah has a voice big enough to fill the entire sanctuary without the aid of a PA system, so with that boost the windows were sure to rattle. I'm not even joking. I wish I were.

Micah clung onto the pew in front of him, eagerly awaiting his turn. Someone else spoke, the microphone was handed around, the pastor asked if anyone else had something to say and Micah's arm shot straight up in the air. We cringed inwardly. Becky cringed outwardly and braced herself in anticipation.

Micah grasped the microphone, held it right up to his mouth, and oh-so-quietly whispered, "I'm thankful for church."

I know that's what he said, and as I turned to Sam in amazement, I saw the tears in his eyes. Afterward, several people came up to us and said they heard the exact same thing.

God works in big ways and small. And what's small to you is absolutely huge to us. We're thankful for Micah.


Karen Deborah said...

Oh Karen I have The God bumps all over me and tears in my eyes! Was this the first time he has spoken like this?

Roger said...

That is so wonderful to hear. Yay Micah!!

Tara said...

OMW!!! I have tears reading this! I am thankful for Micah, too.

Annette W. said...

Looks like you have one more big thing to be thankful for...a boy who knows his own heart!

(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

What a blessing! You have a wonderful little man there - in addition to the other incredible kids.

I'm thankful to have read this.

Michelle said...

Tears rolling down my face. Oh. My.

SunflowerStories said...

That brought tears to my eyes!!!