Some Thanksgivings Are Happier Than Others. It's All In The Way You Dress.

The kids had a half day of school before the holiday. It generally involves a party of sorts. To dress the part, I chose a shirt with a tie for Micah to wear. The boy loves ties, and that's one of his favorite shirts. But then I remembered that he had a turkey shirt, so I went in search of. Options are good for kids. Sometimes.

When I came back downstairs, Micah was putting on the shirt of his choice. A striped button-down. Being all spiffy and dressed up is how he rolls. Whatever. I buttoned it for him and he pointed to the dress-up box. A tie. Of course he'd want to wear a tie with his shirt. Except not. A bandanna is what one would wear to a Thanksgiving party. I didn't realize that cowboys were part of the Pilgrim and Indian festivities, but who am I to judge?

I put his shoes on and heard his bus coming. As I ushered him toward the door he beelined for the dress-up box again. Apparently his outfit just wasn't complete without a tie. Over the bandanna. Awesome. He grabbed the first hat he saw and clapped it on his head. It was a sombrero. It took a Hurculean effort to not laugh out loud from behind him, but you can trust that I was heartily laughing on the inside.

The sombrero is not his favorite hat in the world, and he just wasn't comfortable wearing it to school, so he tossed it off and rummaged in the box until he found The Perfect Hat. It was black and pointy. Because only a witch's hat would complete that outfit.

I seriously need to start using the camera before school.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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