If Only The Kids Were This Well Trained


The puppies get "boxed" when I clean their kennel. Despite the fact that they CAN get out, they're trained not to. Sure, the independent one will make a break for it when I'm not looking on occasion, but for the most part they're incredibly obedient.

So how can I train the kids to be this good?


Ruby's Mom said...

What adorable puppies!!! If someone tells you how to train the kids that good let me know! hehe

Roger said...

I would think that answer to be obvious... get a really big box. :)

Anonymous said...

We live in an area with lots of dog walkers, and I always pass 4 or 5 when I am out walking with B.riar in the morning. They are always really great about calling their dogs to their side and having the dog sit while I jog by just to keep everyone out of trouble, and I am always quick to thank them and praise the dog. And to ask the owner if they can come over and teach my kids the same 'trick' - because they clearly know something I don't.