I've Got Tickets!

I posted the other week that Legofest was coming to Pittsburgh. Our boys are uber excited about this. Still. Legos are some of the most entertaining toys for kids of all ages.

LEGO KidsFest brings all of the creative hands-on, minds-on fun of LEGO building and experiences together in one, and I have a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky reader. Yes! I do! And that lucky reader could be you. Here's what you'll see if you win:

• LEGO Model Gallery: 40 life-sized models made entirely from LEGO bricks

• LEGO Master Builders: building tips, tricks and live demonstrations from the crew who get paid to play

• Creation Nation: build your own creation to add to a custom map of the U.S.

• Mystery Mural: build a piece of a giant mural to help reveal the image

• Race Ramp: build your own custom car, then race it down the ramp against friends and family

• LEGO Games Arena: roll the dice to play LEGO board games

• Construction Zone: creative free build, play and display area

• LEGO DUPLO® Jams: toddlers explore building and imagination while rocking out to fun playroom tunes

• And much more, covering over 125,000 square feet of space

To be entered in the drawing for the pair of FREE tickets, simply leave a comment here telling me how excited you'd be to get them. Extra entries can be earned by tweeting about this giveaway and for posting it on Facebook. Let me a comment saying that you've done those things, and you're entered again. It's that simple!

The tickets are for 2 people to attend the Sunday, June 19th session from 3-8 PM. I'll be there, and hope to see  you there, too.

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Steph said...

My 11 year old has been a Lego lover all his life! I cringe everytime I step on them, but the love of Lego and creative imagination has been so worth it! :) He's participated in his schools Lego Robotics club which has events sponsored by CMU--so amazing!

We would be THRILLED to win!!

Kidzmama said...

Wow, how exciting! I am so happy that you are going. Of course I'd love to take one of my kiddos too. And finally meet you. We've been building with Legos for over ten years and our five year old is finally able to build the big kid kits. He'd be amazed at all the Lego there is to see.

I've been a devoted reader of yours for years and love hearing your perspective. Thanks for offering up a pair of tickets!

Jennifer said...

From what I've heard, Scott loved legos when he was growing up. The idea of Juliana and Scott hanging out at Lego Festival together is exciting.

melissity said...

My husband is a LEGO lover. He has tons of cool old LEGO sets back at his parents' house in Hungary, but it would seriously cost hundreds of dollars to ship it all, so unfortunately he doesn't have those here to play with our two little boys. Tickets to LEGO Kids Fest would be great for him to share the fun with his kids!

Roger said...

I would love to go, but we'll be in Disney that weekend, so... I guess this comment shall be deleted. :) Good luck to everyone that enters. :D


OHHHH - My son and Husband WOULD die for these! Not only a weekend in Pittsburgh, which they could visit family but legos too! My son doesn't even know about this cuz he would drive me nuts begging to go.

Brandie said...

I'd love to take the girls and meet th rocking pony family!