Counting our Blessings

1. Number of little boys who almost fell asleep sitting upright on his tow-behind bicycle. Thank goodness I caught him nodding in time!

2. Number of times we went bowling this week. We got free summer passes for the family and it's been a lot of fun. My non-bowling hand is not so into this as I would like for it to be, and it's protesting by cramping up. If I bowl a few more times weekly maybe that'll clear up. It will, right?

3. Number of brand new puppies we have in the house. They're fat and healthy and we're very giddy with excitement.

4. Number of days that Sam has worked the overnight shift and I've had to actually take the kids and leave the house in the morning to allow him to sleep. Micah simply does not grasp the concept of SHHHHH. We've managed to have a grand time out and about though, because that's what summer and family time are all about.

5. Hour of the AM that Micah has gotten up this week. You cannot fathom the kind of wrong that is. It's summer vacation!

6. Number of "Fresh, Homemade Donuts" we bought this week at the new store up the road. We were not amused to find they were nothing more than refrigerator biscuits deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

7. Number of consecutive days I've biked. It's my new passion and my day isn't complete until I put a few more miles on the odometer. Why yes, I did buy one. Did I say passion? I meant obsession.

27 swinging

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