How To Get On A Disney Black List

There is no question that Micah loves his cowboy doll. Woody is a best friend, a security item, and a favorite toy all wrapped into one plastic boot wearing package. And yet, as much as Micah loves his best friend, that friend sometimes gets tossed aside when other fun things come up. If we aren't on Woody Watch, the cowboy will turn into a lost toy. At times like that, we fan out and begin the search.


Hand up the one who spotted him in 3 seconds flat.

But we're not happy with quality control in the elf inspection section of Disney. You see, our plastic boot wearing cowboys tend to die a pretty grisly death after too much love and play time. This just isn't right. Plus, it's traumatic on the poor kiddo that loves Woody immensely and has to change him out for a newer model frequently. We've had recurring problems with plastic boots just snapping off, leaving Woody rather bootless. But the last malady is thin facial plastic. It's ridiculous, really.

This nice doll, who is much loved by a little boy, has a problem.


Yes, he's had a lobotomy. We explain that to people at least thirty eight bazillionty times a day. Micah will not play with a doll that has lost a boot, but he will continue to love a half headed one. Go figure.


I figure at some point, Disney will be adding us to the black list. Our name will be on a piece of paper taped near the cash registers, entitled "Don't Sell Woody Dolls To These People." But really, it's not our fault. According to both Disney and Pixar, the only thing that should happen to that cowboy doll is a broken arm. All I have to say is that they'll make a smashing Halloween focus. Maybe it'll scare other kids into never playing with Woody dolls again, and the prices in stores will drop.

Hey, one can dream.

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JennyH said...

Too funny. Poor Woody!! Maybe they should make them to withstand the love that a child shares...