Kennywood. If You're Not Familiar With It Yet, You Soon Will Be.

Amusement parks were made for kids. I didn't say what age of kid, but definitely for kids. I remember distinctly each amusement park that I've ever visited, from the local Idlewild in our backyard (an hour away, of course, like everything is) to Six Flags and Hershey. And of course, Disney. And once, I visited Kennywood with a friend in high school. Kennywood is a local(ish) park in Pittsburgh, and that was the only time I was there. I won't tell you how long it's been.

The school uses Kennywood as an incentive program. At the end of the year, they take kids on a field trip to Kennywood, but to qualify, students can't miss more than 10 days of school, nor can they have an illegal day. (You know, the ones where mom forgets to write an excuse, or the kids forget to turn it in.) I know it sounds like an easy way to get an all-inclusive day paid to an amusement park, but we have yet to have a kid actually go be amused. Becky's first year in high school (where the program is offered) she had an illegal day. Her second year, she was pulled at Thanksgiving to become a cyber student.

Josh just finished his first year as a high schooler. He blew through his 10 days at the beginning of the school year with two broken arms. Things went downhill from there (think landslide) when his psoriasis came back and he took twice-weekly treatments to scare it back into remission. Josh was keenly disappointed to miss Kennywood.

We are now the Best Parents Ever, because we have redeemed his end-of-year blues. We are taking the family to Kennywood. Yes. Yes, we are. And we'll expect the son to dance joyfully and with abandon. (And knowing that boy, he probably will, right there in the middle of Kennywood, if we ask him to.)

And because Kennywood is such an awesomely fun place to hang in the summer, what with their roller coasters and water rides and other uber-fun attractions, you'll want to join us. Yes. Yes, you will. And I can help with that. I have the power to award one lucky reader 2 absolutely free tickets to Pittsburgh's very own amusement park. (Pittsburgh rocks, no?) Kennywood and you, this summer. It'll be the very best day ever, and then your kids can grow up and fondly remember Kennywood just like I do.

To be eligible to win the pair of tickets, simply leave a comment. If you want additional entries, tweet about this and come back to comments and let me know. And for yet another, a Facebook shout-out will do the same, but don't forget to comment back here to let me know. Good luck, and maybe I'll see you there!

*Winner will be drawn Friday, July 15.



Anonymous said...

I've never been to Kennywood myself, but my older daughter qualified for one of your above-mentioned trips with the school. Sounds like lots of fun:)

pjtcshaffer said...

Pat and I would love to take the boys to Kennywood! We talk about it from time to time but never seem to get there. Two FREE tickets would definately help!

nycldenise said...

I have to say I love going to Kennywood - if only to scare the living bajeezus out of my significant other on the roller coasters. Amuse-ful either way. :)

I Made It! Market said...

I found your blog from Burgh Baby. Is that a boston baby your son is holding? I have a 10 year old boston and i'm obsessed with them.
I also organize Pgh's I Made It! Market - you should check us out and see if you might want to vend with us sometime!

Karen said...

I Made It! - That is a Boston - 3 weeks old. :) And I'll definitely look into your market - sounds awesome.

Trisha said...

Kennywood - is that related to Dollywood?

It sounds like a blast and I can't wait to find out if your kiddo dances with joy!

Darci said...

Its an annual event for our family. We always say we want to do it twice in a summer but never make it.

Nancy said...

I'm also sneaking over from Burgh Baby. We LOVE Kennywood! And I also grew up very close to Idlewild - we love it too. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to Kennywood in years - would love to get back there & take my kiddos!