A Wrinkle In Summer

Confession: I have become a biking addict.

I'm loving this, really, because all addicts love what they're addicted to. And like a true addict, I don't want help. Plus, it's a good thing (hello, exercise!) so I'm doubly loving it. And considering I've been biking almost daily for a whopping 2.5 weeks and am still able stand in the morning is amazing in and of itself. (Except that one morning where I wasn't bolstered up by Aleve after a particularly long ride the day before, but we won't talk about that day.)

In my newfound zeal for biking, I have talked the daughter into joining us. The daughter is very into Indie and the like, and was all, "I'll bike, but I want a vintage cycle."


9 becky's bike

Flea markets rock, man. Seriously. If you look hard enough you can find anything in your price range. And that thing rides like a dream. I know, because I wanted one as well but wasn't willing to give up my 18 speeds in the event that a retro cruiser wouldn't pedal all that well. I traded the daughter on a ride, and it's a sweet little bike.

The good news is that, while nowhere near vintage, in another 2 years my own Preshus will be a legal antique.

9 mama's bike

But there is a wrinkle in my perfect summer. The Very Best Trail Ever that happens to practically be in our backyard, has had some incidents reported lately that have me a bit skeered. Incidents like attempted ambushes and the like. Incidents that make me want to ride with groups of 5,186 or more, and carry megaphones, and get that license to carry a concealed firearm. And stock up on Mace.

It's disconcerting, is what it is.

And yet, I'll continue to bike, because I love it. But I'm pretty sure I'll carry a whistle in the least.

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Trisha said...

Good for you! Biking is such wonderful exercise even though it tends to make nether regions a bit numb!

Be careful on that trail and carry a whistle and your cell phone (hidden) with you all the time!