NYC, Rocking Pony Style

Today was an On Again vacation day. I'm seeing a trend here. I'm just really grateful that the pattern continued and we had an On Again day because with a traveling party of 11, we really didn't need an Off Again Kid kind of day.

This morning we took the train up to New York City. Revelation: It was the first train I'd ever ridden. Awesome. Micah was thrilled, which was very good. We got off at Penn Station and surfaced to this.

new york city 021

Egads, the people. And signage. And traffic. SENSORY OVERLOAD. I was extremely grateful that Sam was manning the stroller, which allowed me to fully man the camera. Unfortunately, we kept up a good clip and I didn't have time to stop to frame and focus as much as I'd love to have. I'm also grateful for friends to take photos of our family in the city.

new york city 033

Yes. Yes, we did pick up another kid along the way, because our traveling party isn't large enough. We love that we know people everywhere we go.

We visited both Kids R Us and F.A.O. Schwarz, and the kids lurved them both. In fact, you could say that they were like kids in a candy store.

new york city 048

They were especially grateful to see F.A.O. Schwarz, because we hiked the 30 blocks between the toy stores and they were pooped by the time they got to the upper end of the city. We always take time to find fun along the way, though.

new york city 076

Why yes, it IS an FDNY fire truck! We consider that a piece of America right there. A definite photo op. As was Central Park.

new york city 147

The kids loved rock climbing in the middle of the city. We loved seeing so many fun sights. Truly, NYC is a part of America that needs to be experienced by the kids. We can check it off the list now. The daughter was there last summer and was as much in love with the place as she thought she would be, and told us a few times today that she was finally home again.

If you don't tell her I said so, I'll admit that I, too, could fall in love with the city.

new york city 016


Cindy said...

Isn't it a great city? We visited New York in 2005 and we all fell in love with it. We didn't get to Central Park though. Not sure how we missed it....

Annette W. said...

We had fun there this summer, too. But I'm not in love...the city isn't home to me. :)

wendy said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! It's one place I'm looking forward to visiting!

The Sports Mama said...

Really, I just love how excited all the boys look in these shots.... ;)

Sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous time!!!

*sigh* I'm so jealous.