We Learned About Chinese Food on Tuesday in Sunday School

I was teaching the 1st and 2nd grade class about creation. While I taught the Bible lesson, I gave them a strip of butcher paper and a pack of markers so that they could draw a picture of what God created on each day. This worked well for half the class, which consisted of one boy. The other half of the class decided to draw his own thing. I think it was entitled The Eyeball Robot Destroyer, or something like that. It was very detailed.

Two minutes into the class, I sent my husband out on an errand, and one of the boys asked to use the restroom. "Can you wait until Mr. Sam comes back so he can take you?" "Well, I don't know. I'm afraid if I do my underpants will be leaky." We don't want leaky underpants in Sunday School, so I sent him off to the restroom.

Once we got on with the lesson, I wanted the kids to know that God declared things were "good" at the end of each day of creation. Everything that God makes is good. I asked them to repeat the "And God said it was good" phrase with me. By the time we were on the 4th day, it was clear that half the class knew that God declared things to be good, but the half that was elaborately drawing The Eyeball Robot Destroyer (or something like that) was distracted by his awesome creation. "At the end of the fourth day God said, 'It is......,'" I prompted.


I almost laughed out loud. The things these kids come up with.

And on the day that God created animals and Adam, I asked the kids what the verse meant when it said, "God created cattle." To help them understand, I said, "God created Adam, but what else lives on the earth with us besides fish and birds?" (That's pretty narrowed down, right?)

"Chinese food."

Well, yes. It really does. I love teaching Sunday School.


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