He's Prepping For His Future

Micah went through a spell this spring where he insisted on wearing a tie to school daily, and preferred button down shirts. On occasion, he'd even carry his Bible case with him everywhere he went. The Bible was an optional feature in the case. Micah has his own style, and we just enjoy it.

As Micah was watching a movie the other day, he ran to get a tie out of the dress up box. And then he got his Bible case to carry back to the TV. And it finally clicked with me what he was dressing up as. He was watching Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Micah was dressing like The Mutant (aka, the accountant).

I mean, seriously? An accountant? In that fun, fun movie of people to imitate through flattery, he chooses the stodgy businessman? Micah has half as many hats as the little boy who collects hats, and who wouldn't want to be fun like Mr. Magorium himself?

Micah, that's who. Micah bypasses the fun people and hones in on the boring and uptight. We have been saying for years that Micah is a little old man in a little boy's body, and this just proves us right.

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