Micah is Most Likely Going As Himself This Halloween. It's The Trend.

We are at that time of year when Halloween costumes are thought about in earnest. The decision making is narrowed down to just-one-yes-one because I have to have time to scour thrift stores for the necessary items. Luke has decided in a last minute twist that he will be a minion, which will be super fun and fairly simple to pull off. Score. Becky got a dress the other day that not only is the most flattering thing she'll ever wear at the skinny size 2 she is, but also could double as her Audrey Hepburn costume dress. Double score. Or triple if you count the fact that she got that thing for $2.50. (I've taught that girl to shop well.) Josh and I are still arguing about what he will be, mostly because I'm not loving what he's throwing down in front of me as options. He may end up going as a bag of trash. I may or may not give him eye holes to allow maximum oxygen flow. Heh.

I'm sure you noticed that I let Micah out of the above mentioned list. That kid loves to dress up, and has a trunk full of the most awesome dress up clothes you can fathom. Yet, for reasons unknown to mankind, he has a knack for shunning costumes on Halloween. In the past, we've been all "see what super fun costume we got for you to wear? Wow! Everyone else is dressing up, too! Here, let's get dressed in this super fun costume and go get candy!" And his reply has pretty much been, "that costume sucketh. I won't be seen in it."

So this year, we are trying a new strategy. Instead of pinning our hopes on one costume, we are putting forth a multiple choice offering for the boy. There is the faded Woody pajama outfit that he wore last year, as well as a Buzz pajama set that would be a viable option, and way less faded. There is also a real Buzz Lightyear costume from Disney that was the only real costume we ever bought because I couldn't figure out how to recreate that and make it look cool vs. painted cardboard box tacky, and trust me, we've got our money's worth out of that. Josh wore it when he was 6. (That was 8 years ago.) AND we have push-button-fold-out-wings for Buzz to wear as well that are supah cool in any boy's eyes.

Besides the Toy Story gang, Micah has random shirts and pants that he can pull together to make a baseball player, a football player (complete with nappy Troy Polamalu hair - it actually looks more like Darnell on My Name is Earl than anything else at this point), a generic cowboy, various versions of super heroes, an old lady (he loves wearing the full skirt and old lady mask), a businessman, and a few other things.

And in the interest of presenting something completely new and fun to entice him to wear an actual costume, I pulled together a brand new pirate costume for him after shopping Salvation Army. It cost me $5, and kinda rocks the pirate look if I have to toot my own horn.

But in reality, we have already decided that Micah will most likely go as Micah for Halloween. When he sees everyone dressing up, he'll go for his necktie, pirate hat, man purse, and baseball pants. And he'll demand candy, just being himself. He won't be alone, at least. One of Becky's friends is thinking of going as Micah for Halloween. He said all he'll have to do is throw together a random outfit of colors and patterns, toss on a tie, and put on a healthy dose of confidence.

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