I'll Never Have That Trophy On My Mantle

Micah had 12 days off school for Christmas break, and because that wasn't enough we took an extra 3 for vacation before the holiday break began. We were all kind of ready to go back, so you'd think I'd be prepared for it. And I was, really. I was better prepared for the start of school than I ever have been in the past.

Before school let out in December, a letter was sent home reminding parents that winter is here (which, it really wasn't, only in theory) and that we should send boots, snow pants, hats and gloves every single day as the kids go out to recess even in the snow. I actually appreciated this letter because in the past I was never given specifics and assumed (incorrectly, I came to find out at the end of the year) that the kids stayed indoors in winter. This year, I would be prepared. I would burden Micah with his 3 pound Voice in his bookbag, accompanied by the bulk of his snowpants, and an extra bag holding his winter boots. But it's for his own health and well being, so it's all good.

So we waited for the van, on his first day back to school, and I checked and double checked to be sure that all his winter gear was packed. It was. I was good.

As the school van was pulling into the driveway, I realized that we had snow overnight. Not a lot of snow, but enough to really be in the way between our door and the van. And I didn't have time to shovel. No worries, I'd put on Sam's huge, way-oversized winter boots and kick snow out of the way as I shuffled to the van. And I did, inviting Micah to walk behind me in the cleared path.

He misunderstood, he did. Micah wanted to walk beside me and hold my hand. As I turned around to point to where I wanted him to walk, I realized that my shuffle-shoveling wasn't as great of a job as I thought it was. And Micah's feet were covered in snow. I was carrying his winter boots in a bag in my hand.

Big fat fail.

Have I mentioned that the boy is on antibiotics, and has had The Worst Cold Ever for 3 weeks now. Yeh. That.

January 3, and I blew Mother of the Year already. I rock this parenting thing.

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Cindy said...

Awe! I like the fact that you can smile about it. Or at least write a very funny blog post about it!!