It Finally Snowed

Luke has been reading Calvin & Hobbes a lot lately. One of his favorites is entitled "Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Snow Goons." If that's not screaming ALL BOY, there's not much that does. And of course, he has all sorts of fun ideas (and books filled with illustrations) of the snow goons that he wants to create himself.

Except we don't have snow. We haven't had much snow to speak of all winter. I'm not complaining about this in the least. We've had two pretty snowy winters in a row and if we have a mild one this year I feel it's only deserving. (We're all entitled to our own weather opinions. If you're thinking we need snow because it's winter, you can just go ahead and think that. It's not like either one of us has any control of the weather anyway.)

We did have a good snowfall before Halloween, and that is qutie unusual in these parts. Luke took full advantage of that. I'm not sure who the snow goon is in this photo, though.

After that Halloween fun, Luke wished on his birthday candles for more snow. The day after his early December birthday, we had another snowman-friendly snowfall, then nada. (Again, I'm not complaining. I'm quite happy, really.)

But today we got snow. Not a whole lot, and not the snowman-making variety, but snow nonetheless. The boys were kinda thrilled about it. They pushed all the patio furniture out of the way, swept snow, and hosed the patio down. It iced over just enough to play hockey.

Commence with the awesomeness. If you're going to have winter, you've gotta make it fun.

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ericsmommy said...

looks like they had fun and l agree no snow makes for a nice winter. Glad to see they are not wearing skates on your patio though :)