Warning: Blonde Behind the Wheel

Becky got a letter in the mail from the DMV stating that laws have changed. She now has to log 65 driving hours rather than the initial 50 as a permitted driver before she can take the test for her license. The extra 15 hours must be 10 after-dark hours and 5 bad weather hours. We remain somewhat hazy on the "bad weather" hours. I doubt any parent in their right minds would say, "Oooh, a blizzard! Let's go risk our lives with an insecure teen driver behind the wheel! I'm really hoping there's black ice under the snow, too!"

We had snow over the weekend, and while today wasn't actively snowing and the roads were fairly for the most part clear, we are considering it bad weather. There was snow in the berms, and the occasional little spot of random ice. I think. So Becky logged an hour's worth of bad weather driving today.

As Becky got behind the driver's seat, she did some adjusting to fit herself properly. The automatic seat was pulled forward to reach the pedals better, and then lowered to her liking.

"Ouch! Ouch! My feet are stuck under your seat!" Apparently Josh had stretched his feet up under the driver's seat, and they were now fairly squashed when Becky automatically lowered herself. He couldn't remove them no matter how he wiggled. "Raise your seat, I need to get my feet out."

As Josh was laughing (while cringing), we were laughing as well. We rock parenthood, laughing at our children's calamities.

"I can't mess with the seat while driving," Becky replied. Which was ironic, because she'd just lowered it onto her brother's now entrapped feet. While driving.

"I can't get my feet out!" repeated Josh. So to redeem ourselves for laughing at our son's calamity, we told Becky to raise her seat and release her brother.

She reached for the switch on the side of her seat, and pulled herself forward. "OUCH! What the heck are you doing?!" was the wail from the back seat. "I said to raise your seat, not move it forward! You're scraping my feet!"

"See, that's why I said I couldn't do this while driving," said Becky. (Awww, she was concerned with her brother's well being.) "I can't control the handle thingie very well and just had the seat adjusted to where I liked it." (So much for loving concern.)

She eventually managed to figure out how to raise the seat enough for Josh to release himself, but not before confirming that she is, indeed, a blonde.

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