Ye Olde Arch Nemesis

The kids are taking finals at school. Luke said that when they're done with a test, his particular group can talk quietly amongst themselves. He was drawing some pretty impressive things on his scratch paper that wowed his friends, and they were discussing how awesome Luke was. (Luke tells a good story, doesn't he?)
To clarify, Luke has a drawing book that shows step-by-step directions on how to draw those impressive things, and he drew so many of those things from his book that he can draw from memory now. It is rather impressive, but not in the way one would initially think.

"I was teaching my friend to draw a fighter jet when I looked over and saw my other friend was drawing, too. But let me just say that I call everyone my friend because it sounds better than saying, 'My arch enemy.' So my other friend was drawing, and would look to her left, then draw, and look to her left, and draw."

I'm going to interrupt this dialogue to share my train of thought. I nearly had a coughing fit trying not to laugh out loud at the "arch enemy" statement, but as soon as he said "she" was drawing I knew exactly who he was talking about. This girl has been in his class every year since kindergarten. Luke is in 5th grade. That's now 6 years, in the same class. Weird. And for some reason, he is irked by this girl's presence. I have very strong suspicions that it's because she's a challenge to him. Luke is a leader in his class academically and socially, and I know for a fact that this little girl gives him a very good run for his money. I also know that she's the cutest thing that wears matching shoes and figure that someday he'll see her for who she is - the one who complements him very nicely. But there's time for that, and I'm not pushing anything. At all.

"So as I was finishing up my fighter jet, I looked over and saw that she drew the girl that was reading beside her. It was a really good picture. She's quite the artist."

She challenges him in every way, and goes by the name of friend, because "arch enemy" just doesn't sound nice.


Viv said...

So cute. Boys are super special beings.

Karen Deborah said...

awh and it is a love hate thing even at the age isn't it.

(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

"the cutest thing that wears matching shoes"

too good!

Carol N. said...

Sounds like a fine future romance :o)