The Hairstyle is Evil

Someone else got a haircut yesterday.

Someone else has chosen the faux-hawk as his new signature style. He's quite impressed with it, Luke is. I had to buy hair gel to help him achieve the in-salon look that was created, and he made a pretty good reproduction of that style all on his own.

Can I confess something here? This bothers me. It took me a full day to figure out why, but I figured it out. That boy up there is the one who is happy-go-lucky and has no thought for things like clothing or hair. He's a geek and an artist, and has more important things to worry about, like what book to read next or what to draw now. It's who he's been for 11 years, and it's what we love about him, because it's exactly what makes him Luke.

But that hairstyle? That hairstyle means the boy is growing up. That hairstyle means that the older of my "little boys" is not so little anymore. That hairstyle is now evil. Somehow, when I had "the two little boys" I still had kids at home. Our world here is divided between The Teens and The Little Boys. Unless we're separating Micah out, in which case, then, Luke is lumped into The Big Boys grouping. (Confused yet?) So, if I have The Little Boys grouping, I have kids at home, because everyone knows that teens are on their way out of the nest faster than not. Micah will always be here, so somehow he doesn't count as one of the kids in a normal sense. (Confused now?) So really, to me, that faux-hawk represents a boy that's growing up and will very soon be a teen, practicing the art of The Real World in preparation of leaving the nest.

That hairstyle is evil. And I will help him achieve maximum height on that 'hawk, because I'm a mom and it's my job.

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, hands down.

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